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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Going away

Going away makes me appreciate what I have; what I have learned of our tiny plot of land; how healthy and beautiful my animals are; how selfish I have been.   I got to do nothing... I took in the area the first day & the rest of the time I lied by the pool covered in sun screen. Ate till I could eat no more. Slept till my body would allow... and started over again.   I did cheat on my horses while I was gone, having a short run on the beach with Jerry's grandson Bryson. Other than that I calmed my heart mind and hopefully enough for my soul as well. It had been too long since my last get away and my body revolted as soon as I arrived shocking itself to a stop with no phone, internet, or electronics in our suite. Life is so much better having now been away again. Something I now long to do again sooner than later.