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Friday, October 30, 2009

One of those days.. You just gotta LAUGH

On my way to the barn the first thing I pass it the little healthy market ( Trout Lily) not two doors down from my house. She (Susan.. The owner) always has a good container of hot coffee, choices of tea, breakfast breads and sandwiches for lunches. This is the place I stop on my way out with the horses in the trailer on our way to the Biltmore. Even with all the cold weather we have already experienced this year Susan has a beautiful container of herbs, purple flowers rolling over the decking where people sit outside at the tables she has provided.

Trout Lily has many local conventional food items, but also carried a good assortment of Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free items for those of us who need or want to experience something a little different. I personally am addicted to her dried fruits, nuts and some gluten free chips, pastas and flours.

I got to the barn with no real issues, after getting the trailer un hitched and getting on my way. I so desperately needed to clean the stalls and dry lot and it hasn’t rained for 3 days so I was desperate enough to TRY to get the truck to the stalls. I got started in the gate with no issue; as soon as I turned the wheel to get the tail end up the hill and into the stall the truck slid down the hill and into the fence. CCCRRAAACCCKKKKKK goes the old wooden fencing. The entire left side of the truck rest on the old fence that leaned down the hill as if not staked in cement and we… fence, truck and myself could roll down the mountain at any moment. I had to get out of the truck to see what damage I had caused. Climbing up hill to the passenger side throwing the door open with my left arm as I held on for dear life with the right. Ok I got myself into this, now how am I going to get out? I knew my only hope was weight in the backend so I cleaned one of the stalls and loaded the tail end of my little truck ¼ of the way full with Manure. I was just about to stop when I my gut said I needed just one more bucket full into the bed when… I was loosing stamina The bottom of the bucket hit the tailgate, I lot my balance and as if in a slow motion black and white movie with expressions and pale paces. I stumbled back the length of the tailgate, hit the fence and both of my feet came out from under me at the same time while this HUGE FULL muck bucket comes on top of me. My “tuckus” hit the ground and the nutrient rich contence covered my chest, went over my shoulders as the juices from my tail were splashing up my arms and over my legs. All I could do is laugh while the moisture seeped through my jeans, my long johns and my under garments. Brushing off was really mute by the time, I got up laughing so hard my stomach hurt, but I needed more manure, I needed to get myself out of this mess. I did get the truck moved somewhat, nose pointed up hill, no longer in danger of rolling sideways down the mountain, more weight was needed.

The task at hand got easier as I took old advise from a wise man at Paradox Farm, why do you fill those buckets so full? He would ask… because I am young enough to do it, and it keeps me in shape. Well today was the day I am no longer young enough and no longer in good enough shape to lift a 50lb bucket of wet contents over my head into a truck bed or even into an open tailgate … times have changed and my life style much make necessary accommodations based on my abilities. While the extra time added up and will effect the rest of my day, it surely saved my back and my physical ability to get this situation I created under control.

We all have those days, but today was literally a s#*!% day !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Way the Light Guides Us.

This morning started as normal, chilly air, thick, heavy to breath but fresh all the same. The fog was thick and the sun appeared as if being seen through rice paper. The drive to the barn was that of Alice falling through the tunnel to wonderland. Driving into darker areas although well into morning hours, seeing the white wall of fog before me. Few cars on the road, and even less as I turned onto Hollywood up to the barn. The sheep were still as status, the Burrow that protects them stood with ears back and quitely tucked into a cold, protective position. The trash lined the road for pickup so I had I drove even slower through the fog which made everything appear in grays and only the most close things were in slight color. Much like an old black and white photo someone had watercolored only a few leaves on the trees next to my car. With it being a pick up day I was afraid of hitting a dog, a cat, or even a bear so I crept in 2nd gear and made it into the white wall of fog. The fog was so think the wipers were necessary to continue on, but as I approached near the top of the road, to the west side of the mountain it suddenly cleared and appeared as a white ocean below me. I let the horses out after loving on Sweetpea and closed their gate. By the time I got back home the sun was bright, fog was only a thought, and the farmers were humming with their tractors all around me.

It is funny how life has it forces, how we can continue on even with the darkness, rain, fog, or snow. What are the forces that keep you going in your life? or What are the forces that have guided you along the way.

One of my guiding lights in my Nannie... Mable Nadine Knight Lain. One who lost her mother as a young girl, took on as much responsibility as she could with her younger brothers, and tried to be a help to her father who was supporting them all alone. She came from a strong line of women... her mother had an egg business and her own car in a day that was unheard of. Her grandmother was the town midwife although she didn't deliver any of Nannies children. The Nadine came from Nadine Newland... one of her mothers best friends.

Nannie was the real thing, Living with rations like everyone else, working tirelessly while the men were off to war. She was a rivet girl at AVCO a company long gone from the Nashville area, but it once made airplanes/ parts.

Nannie has wonderful stories of she and Miss Juanita going to the movies, riding the bus into Nashville, stories that make her face light up.. The giggles you get when she talks about she and Miss Juanita riding in the rumble seat. These stories and the look on her face always made me think… this was her only time of freedom. While surviving the pain of loosing a mother young, the loss of a younger brother was difficult as well. She was so smart not to marry before her love returned from war, she would have been tied down with a baby and never had this freedom. It made me think…. How much freedom do I want in my life? How much of myself am I willing to cut out of my chest and pack in a box and never be able to see, or feel those things again.
Nannie waited for Cecil to return and after an AWOL he did… They got married! She wore a beautiful brown suite with green around the trim. Life changed. Children are a joy … And Nannie had three, My Mother, Judy Freeman Lain, My Uncle Steve, and My Aunt Gale (yes it is spelled correctly for her)
Nannie and Pawpaw were almost perfect for each other, he was harsh and she was the most softly spoken person anyone can comment on. She never said a harsh word to me only gave me other positive things to focus on. The most harsh thing she ever said to me was… Your not going to meet him looking like that are you? Yes mam I am… and she just shook her head. (you have to know I was covered in horse muck, in a pair of cut off’s and a tee shirt) She did want me to find a man at some point in my life!

All of these thoughts started because I was making beans and corn bread the other day…

How do I see my Nannie? I see her as she was on the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. I will never see her any different. Last night I dozed and thought with a fast paced mind, as the smell of cooking beans still lingered in my little house; and made me think of soft worn kitchen towels, that smelled of the sun and wind instead of food. I don’t remember Nannie ever having new kitchen towels. Then my mind raced back to her stove, not very different from mine today, the kitchen cabinets, the Formica covered counter tops.

I would feel the movement of my little bird I was nursing through the night and the racing of my mind would calm. I would ease back into thoughts of Nannie. It’s the smell again, but in my mind it was my often requested skillet fried potatoes, something mother never made for some reason, a hint of onion I thought and then corrected myself, can’t be “the twins will not like that” but that cast iron skillet; it must be the secret to the perfect potatoes with or with out the onions… IF ever something happens Nannie, that skillet is all I want, I’ll make sure you get it she would say, and today it makes the most delicious, perfectly brown, non sticking pan fried potatoes. A true treasure from the past!
The other day it made the perfect family cornbread. A small token Jerry and I will nibble on for the next few days.

It is funny how we all see things differently. I saw Pawpaw as the one that ran around doing everything, but Nannie was the one that was the center hub. Why? Well because no matter what, it was her table I always sat. She was the one always home. It was her table that no one could leave with out eating. Pawpaw was the same but most of his time in the house was shared between his chair at the table and his chair in the living room/TV room. Nannie sat at the table and read the paper from front to back every day.

Nannie was the center hub for the force that kept me sane in the crazy world of teenagers. Well I was well beyond teenage years BUT I was a late bloomer in every aspect of life. Because I was so far behind (due to living in my fish bowl) during times other girls were starting to appreciate parents I was still butting heads with mine. Maybe because in reality Mother and I are so alike we can’t see past our own visions, but Nannie would always give me something else to focus on. Aunt Gale was always my back up! The three of us… really four of us; but Pawpaw would eventually get tired, move to his chair, bark something into the conversation if he felt like it, or would leave to do something with the animals, farm or visit someone.
My coffee addition started at Nannie and Pawpaw’s, although there was always grapefruit juice, milk, coke or sweet tea in the fridge, coffee was the drink of choice, Folgers was their brand. Quite frankly it’s the reason I don’t purchase it today. But I would eat grounds today if I could have one more breakfast club morning with the four of us.

My thoughts danced all night, The first big car I remember them getting… They picked me up at school, we got groceries at Bates Food town. It was new to them, but had stickers all over the dash! It had always been the truck I remembered before that.

The movement of my bird, realizing it’s cold out side the cover I have thrown over me, makes me think of outside, my clothes line, Nannies clothes line, the smell of her towels, the smell of alcohol, her shoes, the way she cut the toes from her old pairs. How I have only in the past few years gotten into wearing pretty shoes, how Nannie was so fascinated by a pair I had on last I went to see her. Are those comfortable? She would ask, no mam. Do they feel good? Not at all, Nannie. She would continue to look at them and I finally asked her… Would you like to try them on? We both just laughed, with a full belly laugh, free to feel, free to react, with out a care in the world.

I have always been able to Laugh and Cry with Nannie I have always had a special place in my heart for her. I LOVE YOU Nannie, I will always love you, and I miss you terribly!

You have always been a guiding light for me. That strong light I knew I could return to for support, guidance or just to talk…

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well Today I start a new venture

I am a person who loves her family dearly, sometimes too much for today’s society. I say this because I have a deep need to know what is going on. If the family gets together, I want to know who cooked? What did they prepare? What was the conversation; down to what everyone was wearing. I rarely get to see my family these days as I am a little farther away from the group than most. I believe this all comes from the fact by the time I was 5 my parents moved walking distance from my maternal grandparents. My mothers brother quickly moved in on one side and my mothers sister followed on the other. I was literally surrounded by family. Family that was allowed to mentor me, discipline me, or encourage me all my days on the family property. I often joke of how if I sneezed at school and my parents knew I had a cold before I got home. Which was almost truth to the letter, as most of my teachers taught my mother, Aunt, Uncle, and every cousin back 5 or 6 removed…

Life for me was a fish bowl, I was the only one of my generation for years and even after “the twins” came along for some reason I was a little more looked after than they as the family thought they had each other and I was somehow in the world alone. I have commented to the family how “the twins” didn’t change my world. My world fell apart when Aunt Sheri and Uncle Steve had Danny; there was no dress up next door. Not six months later Aunt Gale had Zach and my world was no longer mine. I was the spoiled one! The center of all for generations back, but this also kept me in that controlled environment. No matter what I did, a family member was there OR someone knew who my family was. They never realized even when I traveled to Martin TN as a teenager, how I couldn’t get away from the strong influence my family had on me. The first lady I met at Martin… OH I know your grandfather… Cecil Lain. I was mortified in front of peers I had only known for months…but home all the same.

We as a family did the old fashion things, we got together with immediate family at least one Sunday of the month but especially on Holidays of ANY sort. We got together with family back generations at least once a year; back to my great, great, great Aunts that to this day tickle my mind and inspire me because of their strength and devotion to learning, life existence, and beautiful expressions of being happy. My paternal grandparents were also a constant in my life, although the lived in another state my parents made every effort for us to travel once a month to see them if not every other weekend when afforded financially.

What started this little change in pace? Well as with everyone else money is a little tight, and my focus on developing the estate is on hold; I will do little by little; but my focus is making sure our business survives as do my thoughts to my family, friends, and influential people of my life. I don’t have a home made green Formica table to share coffee, biscuits/toast, jelly, with the cafĂ© pouring sugar container, or my napkins tucked in the corner near the wall, the small plastic cup with just enough milk for the days talk over coffee. I am hundreds of miles away from the next generation, I am hundreds of miles away from the life I had. While I don’t want it back, I refuse to not learn from it and pass on the wisdom shared with me over that slick, speckled, Formica covered door made into the best table I ever sat at!

My day today started out as normal, except the night sweats didn’t go away. I moved down stairs to the sofa, heard Teallie scream so I napped as much as I could with her on my chest so she would not pick till she was bleeding. As funny as it sounds I dreamed of Nannie all night, it was the lingering smell of the beans and cornbread I made yesterday. As you can see above I cooked my beans more like my Pawpaw liked them, with lots of soup (for my cornbread, of course) So really I was up most of the night, but was determined to change this blog into something others would want to read instead of just a note or two. It is amazing what smells can do to you, I shall post about my Nannie tomorrow, as my dreams, thoughts, and breathing went to Potatoes, Clothes Lines, Talks, and Shoes. You will have to stay tuned!
So on my way to the barn grabbed the camera to take snap shots of my daily drive to the barn. There is so much in the short 4 miles to the barn I decided to document it and write on each as time passes.

My trip to the barn took well over an hour because of all the little things people could miss. My drive to the barn each morning starts from the back door. Rarely is there NOT fog rolling off the distant mountain, it rolls much like the wall of fog that blankets San Francisco each night, but here the spectacle is morning and often flanked by the sun rise. Something I will have to learn to photo, as I am not as good as Jerry with a camera, but I’m no grandmother Goins either. She would cut your head off no matter how simple the camera.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eating CROW, and still taking it day by day.

My day started out normal. The air heavy, wind blowing into the bed from the open window, the roughness of the air as it passes over my shoulder. I want only to cover it more deeply with the bedspread and go back to sleep, the sun is no where to be seen behind the clouds but I can tell by the traffic I had slept late because it was so dark. I’m lucky getting up by 8am is not a crime or one of the things that turns my world upside down. I was sleeping so well … after I survived my night sweats… with my earplugs, eye cover and lavender smell on my sheets.

I got up got the birds out for their breakfast, which is always a mess! But a well deserved treat and a fun time for me to see what each prefers over the other. Even just watching which hand they use, how one is picky about the texture while another could care less. At any rate 9am crept up on me quickly today. I put them all back to their room with natural light on and heat going.

On to the barn.

It wasn’t raining just yet, so I parked at the end of the drive walked up the hill for a little cardio work out to the barn. I was sweating by the time I reached the top, opened the gate allowing the horses to go down the hill at their own pace, and allowing me time to grab a few flakes of hay. I walk down with the hay make sure each flake is placed far enough away from the next so the two horses can eat with out the bother of the other. SweetPea is in on the down side of heat but is not nice when it comes to food, thanks to a previous experience AND Navarre is so food driven he would eat it all if he could.

My walk back up the pasture, closing the first gate, up the hill to the barn, closing the second gate and making sure the third gate is fastened as I crawl through the fence for my walk back down the drive to my little car.

On to the office

AFTER I figure out what I am going to eat for the next few days.
Beans, so cheap, so easy, and I use them in everything till there are no more.
I start to pour them over my hand, and as I feel the beans all I can think about is my maternal grandmother… Nanny … with the water running in her huge country sink washing the beans in a strainer after she had picked out the stones, the bad beans, and the questionable. The aluminum pot they always went into … dented, stained, warped, with a black handle and a black pull on the lid that always laid on the top of the pot as if it once fit.

Today I pick, wash, soak, and put it all in the crock pot with one container of chicken stock I made months ago, and one container of vegetable stock I made weeks ago. I get out my family receipt book and make sure I have everything for the cornbread… the fat from bacon I had to purchase just so I could make cornbread this week. It sits on the counter right now … as the beans will not be done till dinner. I can’t wait for MY house to smell as if I’m walking to my Nanny’s house about to sit at the green Formica table with she and Pawpaw. How life has its wonderful smells… How life has it’s pace… pinto’s and cornbread… cheap, filling, and reminiscent of times I wish I could create… have just created…

While no one is here other than Jerry to share this with,(who doesn't have the same memories) surely you can remember a simple food, a simple time, a great memory to share… tell me!

As I am pondering, taking pictures??? For this post… my phone rings. Olivia Henry it says. Betsy and I have a nice little talk.

On to the Office I kept telling my self.

On to eating crow so I can have a pleasant day.

My life at work consist of being the most stupid animal on the planet. “Sit there and look pretty” someone said to me the other day… The words I wanted to say back are not worth the post but I apparently with out realizing it took out my frustrations on men the rest of the day. So I wrote one who was nice enough, strong enough to call me out on it.
The truth is I don’t want to be a hateful person. I don’t want to be a woman who has to worry about being better and stronger than I really am. But I get so much “crap” and take so much from men whom most probably don’t know the difference between a standard or a Phillips and assume I’m a pet rock of Jerry’s.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have so much of a roll in a motorcycle business. Sometimes I wish I rode motorcycles and could tell them where to put it. Sometimes I wish I could just tell them how stupid they sound… my car, my boat, my third house……

At least I do have a brain and can put most in their place with simple math, but work is a struggle when you are a woman in a man’s world. While women still only get paid 77 cents on every dollar a man makes… I have to say I know more about K1200’s in general than even a lot of the dealer mechanics that call me for help. But sometimes I wish I didn’t … sometimes I wish I could be the “type” of woman they think I am; being taken care of and pampered all the time.

Instead… I probably do more physical labor than most of these guys. I am what I am; and I’m not stupid, I’m not a pampered woman and I’m not what other women have called me… “a token wife” although sometimes for a weekend vacation , I wish I was, three days of this type of vacation and I'd be ready to get dirty again.

A Beautiful Fall.

This is our back yard Sunday,the clouds were amazing!

Fall weather has been all over the place. Sunday although I went riding my first morning panic was the ice on the shield of my little car. How am I going to get the horse out long enough on the grass so I don't have to feed them heavy grain before I go riding if I can't find my ice scraper? I turned on the car defroster and went back in for another cup of lavender tea. I got an old credit card they send you in your trash mail ... that I hadn't put through the shreader yet ... and used it to scrape the shield. My panic quickly passed, but my mind still ran wild with, what will I wear? it is suppose to be 60 degrees and I'll get too hot or too cold? But it all worked out SO PERFECTLY. attached are a few pictures, Jerry took them while I was out riding my horse Sunday as it was easier for him to stop shoot while on his motorcycle. I was afraid to take a camera, riding bareback for such a long up mountain trip, so I got left out on the photo contributions...
It is so nice we have such seperate hobbies, it allows up something to talk about when we get home.

This is just a "snap" of the beautiful views I have driving up the mountain to the barn. This slow drive is rich with the community activity, rarely do you drive up this road and not see someone out with their child, walking their dogs, or even pushing their cats in a stoller/carrier. People here are just active, and incouraged to be as much ... it is so quiet, beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be out on a road like this?

While today is Tuesday, my schedule appears full. I hope to get back on later today and write more, I miss being able to post and let people know what is going on over here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Report

Saturday.. I took the horses out for a little ride. I Ponied Navarre, while I was riding SweetPea ... we only went around the block, round trip is just barely over 4 miles, but a good little ride for Navarre. Everything is mostly up hill.

Navarre was wet when we got back around 3pm and when I went back at 6:30 he was still soaked. So I have to watch how late I take him out from here on.

Sunday I loaded SweetPea up by 11am got to Susans as we rode from the back of Barewallow to the other side of Little Pisqua, it took us about 5 hours round trip. It was wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and just plain perfect.

I'm soar today ... not my legs but my ribs, back and stomach. If you want to work your core try riding over two mountains bareback for hours at a time. ha ha ha...

Jerry and I just went walking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves are almost gone due to all the wind and rain but it is still beautiful over here.

OH YEA... While I have asked, begged and pleaded for people to come see us over here. DON'T...
I 40 had a rock slide and will closed for MONTHS... so right now there are only back roads to get from North Carolina to Tennessee. I need to travel home, now I am deciding do I want to go through Chattanooga or Johnson City ???? either way is HOURS out of the way.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Week and no post???? Sorry!

Well, with all the rain, cleaning around the barn, getting more hay, making sure I have plenty of pellets before they stop making them, Stocking up on feed, it was on sale? never seen that happen! I have been spending more time at the barn but not enjoying the horses.

I have been trying to go riding with a lady that owns the little healthy store two doors down. No matter what I did the weather, horse throwing a shoe, or work got in my way of being able to keep a riding date.

OUT of the blue we have three customers call and say they were coming by the next day. Well I was not about to cancel again.

As I was putting the last of my equipement in the trailer the man from Australia drives up. I couldn't just walk out with out saying hello. So I shook hands, appologised for the horse/leather smell, went up stairs to get Jerry. We all made our introductions and I excused myself as soon as I could.

I was late for my riding date. Susan lives up the road but it's nothing but curves 1/2 the way there and then gravel one lane drive the rest of the way. For those of you who know my area I was towing my two horses toward Lake Lure through the curvies over to Gerton.
I got to the second turn and got stopped by a huge dump truck. I had just crossed a creek and had to back up out of his way back onto the previous one lane gravel road.... I was just glad we didn't meet a mile closer to her house where there are no turn arounds and I didn't see many driveways deep enough to accomidate my long bed truck and my long trailer. I got there very VERY late.

I have to say Susan was so sweet! not upset ! we went on a short ride but places I had only been once or twice. It was so clear we could see all the way to lake lure area... it was beautiful! The trees are not making their normal show but it was serene all the same.

I enjoyed our ride so much. I am going back Sunday with out the second horse so She and I can ride as fast as we want. Navarre is still very slow... actually he will NEVER be a fast horse, he is built for stamina not speed.

so yes it is raining today, and expected to rain all day tomorrow, but expected to clear Sunday and I am going to trailer SweetPea back over there and have as much fun as time will allow. Thank you Susan for allowing me to ride with you! I had fun and am looking forward to more.

We got our camera back from repair... no changes, the pictures are still not crisp.
We got our computer back from repair and I hope to start using it first thing in the mornings BEFORE I have the animals to tend to.

Mornings are when my mind is more creative instead of being dulled by all the things I need to get done in a certain time period.

Talk to you later.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Should I be alarmed at the smell of smoke?

Today is Saturday, but I must back up to yesterday.

Yesterday... Friday was a cold, wet miserable day, but one I got much work done and got to check out the Craft Fair before it closed for the day. The Highlands Craft Fair is at the Conference center down town. I walked, I looked and as normal it was too craftsy for me ... so after making sure I had seen EACH vender I turned around and went to purchase TWO bells I will use for the horses. I came home and went through my nightly chores. Man it was cold last night, and into this morning.

But today, Dark, Dank, and sometimes rainy... I let the horses out, cleans my three buckets/stalls and went out to REI to return a jacket I purchased for Emma but didn't need to give her. (her jacket and Amanda's Jacket were the only things we had in the car when the horses ran away last weekend... I blogged about it... I think)

I returned the jacket, walked around because they were having a fall festival in the town square, got some magazines, a cup of cider, a red velvet cup cake and walked out. Not two feet out the door I dropped my cider with out having ever gotten a smell of it, much less the first sip. Life happens! I did get the eat the cup cake! delecious!

I walked, I then stopped to get paper for the office on my way home. Got nasty shoes, nasty jacket and went to get the horses in ... same routien... food, water, and hay. I left after checking Sweetpea's blanket and Jerry called to see if he could go down town with me. I was shocked... frankly I was stuned into a silence but somehow got out YES, I'd love for you to go.

I got gas and picked him up on the way back. For those of you whom have NO IDEA... I never mention my husband Jerry. We rarely do anything together except, WORK, Sleep, vacation, and sex. The rest of the time we really lead seperate lives, which for us works, but I do miss having a friend to just walk around with. Today... well we walked around town, ate lunch/dinner, an inbetween thing... got tea for me, and after walking almost all of down town sweets. It was a lovely day, although it was dark, wet, and windy beyond the date, feeling more like late November than mid October, but lovely for me all the same. It's so nice we like the same things, are drawn to the same things and he doesn't or didn't complain about how many stores I wanted to go into today.

I got home started looking through my mags I got earlier and what did I see? Navarre! Yes WITHOUT imagination... Navarre has now been published as an add in the Asheville mag page 43 this month... When our new camera comes back from repair...long story... I'll take a picture and post it here, but in the mean time I'm posting my copy of the picture!

Here we are at home, it's nearly 6:30 and I walk upstairs to type this out.. and it smells like smoke. He finally broke down and turned on our heat. The only thing in this stone house, with NO insulation, real plaster walls is base board heaters... so our electric runs about 400 a month to stay in the 60's ... So not only did I mean should I be alarmed at the smell of smoke for a fire reason but now I should be alarmed at the next electric bill. YUCK....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain rain....

A picture of Navarre only HOURS after having a bath! my little piglet, does nothing but eat and get dirty!!!!!

Another Cold Rainy day... horses were put out in the rain... maring up the pasture... back into what to should be a dry lot but, is as of today a bog! Sweetpea is still wearing her tattered blanket and good news has not lost a shoe yet!

life continues in the rain, my overalls are heavy with mud, muck and rain my rain boots are getting to be too cold and about to be packed away. So the new winter boots are about to be broken in quickly, just in time for our trip to Honduras in December.

Navarre is miserable but not much I can do about it. He is not cold with all that hair, but SweetPea will not allow him in the barn, she darts in and out being afraid of the sound of the rain hitting the metal roofing. Crazy girl, miserable boy!

In the house, we are cold and about to turn on the winter heat. High today is in the 50's low in 40's but tommorow... high in low 50's and low in the 30's at that point we will have to turn on the heat, till then.... I have on three tops, two pair of socks, did have on two pair of pants but gross things came through the insulated overalls to my second pair of pants. So they had to go to the washer!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another WET DAY

A new shot of Sweetpea taken only a week ago.

Tuesday was an ok day I got to take the blanket off SweetPea for the day but had to put it back on last night! of course this morning I found it completly ripped up, but tacked it back together and left it on her for the day. It is COLD wet and nasty here.

But I got to drive to the estate and check on the fall seeds put down for pasture. Pasture seeding is comming along well and the rain will only help! so I'm happy!

COLD COLD COLD... I'm sitting at my desk with jeans, two tops, and socks. I'm about to have to get up and put shoes on just to keep my toes warm.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up!

Amanda and Emma came into town last Thursday and my time was spent with them the entire time they were here.

Thursday Emma was eager to help me go feed the horses but missed the old Fletcher Barn just down the road. It's not the barn she misses it the Rope hanging from the rafters she loves to swing on. It was the perfect place for kids to be mostly safe and have a great time.

Friday we took the horses out for a short ride. Emma rode Navarre from Joe's house down to the Ager/Clark compound Ring. The area was full of people... getting apples, meat and having a good family time picking out the perfect pumpkin etc... We ment to get cider but forgot!

Emma Rode Navarre back to Joe's house up to the barn, and we headed out for our own little adventure on the estate... Not really but Emma wanted to play on "HER ROCK" so we sat there while she played in the clay.
At which time... Joe called and the horses were out! we rushed to the barn as fast as we could found the horses and got them back in. They were down the road around a curve and eating someones yard. As I walked them back with only jackets around each of their heads... you could see where Navarre had run for dear life to keep up with SweetPea. He is a stout horse, She is a fast one. Not wanting to be left behind his hoof prints were deep and prominant on the rocky road back to the barn.

Thank goodness Amanda and Emma allowed me to use their jackets. With no ropes, no string etc... it would have been impossible to get those kids back in. It all worked out ok, we got them in just before the sun was going to set. No heat in their legs, no new cuts, and no limping that I could tell. Disaster dodged...

Saturday, we went shopping to replace the jacket I was sure I had ruined guiding the horses back to the barn. Rain was only a sprinkle so it allowed us most of the day to shop. Time got away from us and before we had eaten lunch it was time for dinner. Back to the house and watching a movie Emma brought to share with us. Good times!

Sunday... I was asked to ride with my normal group from Sugar Hollow and I told them I would be late (for once) Emma and Amanda left early so I could get out and ride. I of course forgot my bridal, it was still hanging from the cleaning. When I drove down to the barn one of the tree didn't seem to happy to wait on me so I told them to go ahead with out me. Which was the perfect thing to do, I went to the Biltmore with BOTH of my horses and had a much better time alone, and we all three got a great workout.

This was my first time out with SweetPea Bareback and ponying Navarre. As bad as he looked he was still a show stopper, with clay stains, yellow mane and tail due to EVERYTHING being in it!

He did well with no shoes. No limping, no rocks in his feet at the end of the day. Life is good.

Today... is Monday...
Normally a horrible day but today USPS is closed down so I could take a minute and get this posted. Back to work!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day for Shoes!!!!

Today is appt day for the horses again. The Ferrier is expected! I have to say, I have been in this area for seven years now had horses for six. In all this time I had One Ferrier I liked but a bad day for he and I concluded our business relationship is all I can say. I had gone from one to the next sense and life only got worse for my horses. UNTILL I was introduced to Stacy Miller.

There are several facts you have to understand, I have been exposed to some of the best Ferrier's in the South East. So I have a certain level of expected professionalism and skill of a Ferrier. There were some I liked as people, but didn’t like their results. Others I didn’t like their personalities around my horse or how my horse reacted to them. I am such a picky person when it comes to ANY of my animals, work, pet or otherwise, if I am not being included in on their care, I do not like it to put it nicely. If someone can't handle my asking questions about what or why they choose to cut, trim or set a certain way, they don't need to be around my animals or me.

But STACY MILLER!!!! Is wonderful! I have a very timid mare and he takes his time, he takes a good two hours with her or more if she needs it. I like this!!!!!

Navarre is just a baby and doing well for his age but is yet to be perfect, while he does not lean on you as you have his foot, he doesn’t hold it up for you either. So one can get very tired holding a foot/leg that thick!

Stacy and Casey (his trusted assistant/apprentice) are both so kind, so sweet , and patient with my animals I enjoy the fact they can calm my animals instead of making them worried etc… Stacy does a hot shod which I like especially on a year like this one where it was basically wet the entire summer. He doesn’t just heat shoes but is talented with the art of metal. He makes sure it really fit’s the horses foot.

My biggest LOVE of the situation is my horses are so happy after their feet are done! With some Ferrier’s the horse has tender feet for 24 hours up to a week. Stacy puts the kids so perfect they can’t wait to run after having their toes are cut back and their shoes are perfect…

I am impressed with Stacy and Casey and happy to see them take care of my horses!

Monday, October 5, 2009


A busy day as usual, but a rainy one as well. Horses were put out in the rain by 9am gotten back up by 12, stalls clean, water, feed, sand treatment, fly treatment and clean water. Someone keeps putting their nasty hoof in the water troft.

One of the things that started my down fall and shutting the world out for a while till I could get my feet planted well again...
Navarre was diagnosed with PPSM. There are two types of this genetic disorder, he has the mild form which is good.

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy
also known under EPSM and EPSSM.... PPSM is the most widely used acronym at this time but I wanted to list all three just in case someone else out there needs info. the horse with PSSM will accumulate excessive amounts of sugar in their muscles both glycogen and polysaccharides. SIGNS are... horses developing muscle stiffness, soreness and reluctance to work with exercise, however with the Drafts and cross drafts this includes muscle atrophy, weakness and gait abnormalities. Some horses that are managed well may show no clinical signs caused by this inherited defect in the GYS1 gene (called glycogen syntheses) which appears to disrupt energy metabolism.

PPSM. is a glycogen synthesis disorder, but the most common issues are tying up andChrionic Muscle disorders. This PSSM is mostly in draft, draft crossbreeds, but also Quarter Horses, American Paints, Appaloosas, Hafflingers, some warmblood breeds, Morgans, Tennessee Walkers and other breeds.

for more info I suggest owners, caretakers and horse lovers to go to the Neuromusculare Disease Laboratory website.

Management of PSSM is diet, exercise and turn outs
Diet is a change and control of everything... Forage, Electrolytes, Complete feeds, too complicated to go into today. But complicated enough for me to have several pages of research on it. email me if you need this info.

Exercise is more like that of a wounded horse getting BACK into shape instead of a horse at what ever age you are starting. SLOW and easy is the only way to go with these horses... otherwise you are asking for muscle issues and tying up at cool off. Again several pages of research on hand but to post it all on line would only get others heated about their horses.

But trust me this was all a lot to take in, a slow process in changing feeds, exercise, turn outs and effecting my everyday life, as anyone with a sick child would do...

Just note because this is genetic one if not both of Navarre's parents have this as well. I haven't gotten a return on any of my calls trying to find out, which is of no matter to me. I love Navarre and he is not going anywhere!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Busy Day.

Up by 5am---- trying to pack everything, double check my list, have prices in my head and on my items, run to feed the horses JUST as the sun is wanting to come up. Rushed back to the house got Jerry up and rushed to the tack swap!

Sold Joe's three HUGE blankets!

And I got rid of several little things I can't use anymore and have no room for! I am hoping to put the rest on e-bay later this month!

Jerry came back for me about 12 he broke down the tent and I came home with only one box out of three.

Rushed to let the horses out, ran to get more Sand Clear, trust me a 3 lb bucket will not last a week for two horses.... and no one keeps in more than one bucket in stock. It has been stated to me by SEVERAL companies in the area ... "we're not in Florida... we don't have sand issues" I love it when people tell me what my problems CAN'T be!!!! Especially in a rocky, mountain area, meaning we live on Lime Stone!!!! what is most sand??? Lime Stone.... Please! Just sell me the crap!

Back to the horses by 5 get them out of the pasture, pack Navarre's Right hind foot. I'm trying a new application for his Thrush, I'll let you know how it goes if it works. mixed a solution for SweetPea who has Fungus, Barn Rash or Rain Rot what ever you want to call it. Applied it to her, fed them and FINALLY came home for the day.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a good day and I hope to pack Navarre's Left foot! I hope this packing thing works.... It is hard on my back!

I took the pictures of the apples, wasp, and yellow jackets... this one is a little morbid but I like it!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a Day.

yesterday was a full schedule. birds, horses, work, horses and horses again...

Crazy Schedule but the only way I could work it out.

I got the horses out to pasture, got them back to the dry lot and then went BACK a third time to get the horses, bring them to my HOUSE and give them BOTH a bath!

Navarre has ticks... so he needed a medicated bath to get rid of them, SweetPea has barn fungus and it needed to be gotten under control before the cold weather set in.

I've done most of my work for today but I have other apptointments OUT of the office. Hendersonville and Flether are both on the schedule for stops today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LONG STORY will Follow.

Life is a ride, but what kind of ride is something that continues to go up and down, good and bad, happy and depressed.

I have a list of CRAP life has dealt me as of late…. I’ll get back with each of them as time allows… But in the last 15 days it’s been a roll down hill.

Lost the Hydraulics in my work truck,

Lost the Front End on my work Truck two separate work orders!!!!!

Horse has been sick this entire time, still running a low grade fever even today, The vet has been out once a week! $$$ time and stress!!!!!

One of the birds is having a mental break down picking his feathers till his skin bleeds, (it’s really a sexual frustration…. Breeding season)

It has rained here so much I couldn’t work on the estate, couldn’t get my fall pasture perfect, couldn’t get my apple trees planted.

I can deal with the normal

SweetPea throwing a shoe, Rail Shoe at that… Pad and all!

Got a new computer that will NOT work.. Brand new and the letter K sticks so bad you have to pry it up to continue to type.

Got a new camera that takes pictures so large I need to figure out how to shrink them BEFORE they go on my computer memory.

Neighbors dog came into my basement and ATE my cleaned horse brushes, tennis shoes, winter work boots and dragged all kinds of crap from my basement to the neighbors house.????? What is up with this? Does anyone watch their animals anymore? (yes hostile)

Can you imagine how easy it was to clean stalls, muck dry lot in the pouring rain ,WITH OUT the truck, life has been @*%!# lately!

I need to get back to work but wanted to let everyone know I am still alive! I am kicking, I'm just having a hard time with everything ... "Karma" I suppose!