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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Spring has finally come to stay! 
The pasture grass is calf high, the weeds are starting to take hold.
The horses get very little pasture time as rich as everything is right now.

My hay is about to run out.
My feed price is only getting higher.

My farm hand is back and my tiny lot is starting to look like a place lived in instead of being a white trash forgotten place.

The apple trees planted a few years ago are well mulched and only need a few more news papers around them to cover the vetch a little better.

The Paw Paw tree and the Dragon Orange tree survived the crazy weather.

I recently planted two Nanking Cherry bushes, and two Korean Cherry bushes... I am watering them with ice bags each day (morning) I stop by the gas station put them at the cherries and poke on good hole in each let them melt slowly as the morning progresses.

I also have two fig trees to place....
Two acacia bushes...
two rhubarbs to plant.

Life never stops... The entire herb garden was destroyed this winter so I have mulched over it!

Cleaned out all my old fencing and put it under the deck to clean around the barn. 
Hung the soon needed French drain piping on the back of the barn till I can afford to get all my rock!

The rock will only be a base for the concrete blocks to make the dry lot a real dry lot forever than the horses need so badly.    They did after all stand in mud for over a year due to all the rain we got last year.

I will do my best to start posting at least once a week... but ... spring demands and summer working hours are likely to be horrible and not allow me much time for catch-up. 

I work each day for the next week.  

My love to the world...