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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Rainy high of 45/ cheap meal plan

Today is a slow day, cold rainy, and not much work. I have however been to the barn twice, and will need to go one more time. I have delivered manure to a friend for her organic garden/compost pile... I deliver a muck bucket full about once every three months; it is manageable in small amounts. I have also planted fescue on a spot next to the drive I have messed up while turning around my old truck. (I have to park it next to the house in order to plug it up on cold nights, and the nights are still just above freezing here) I dug carrots and onions out of the garden this morning to make a veggie dinner. A meal I eat several ways before it's all gone ...

  • Carrots,

  • pasta,

  • Italian style tomatoes,

  • cabbage and

  • potatoes to spread it out even more

  • and a dash of red pepper flakes.

Made for next to nothing I also eat this with eggs, balsamic vinegar cheese and garlic. A VERY healthy and tasty meal from the garden and what wasn't was on sale or in season and CHEEP. I do everything to taste and while is sounds strange the onions and carrots from the garden are so sweet it takes care of any cabbage taste.

If you haven't planted or tried to plant carrots... this is the time to try it. I had so many I gave some away and all three people said they were so sweet and perfect. I think they are I only hope they enjoyed them as much.


  1. I love this site. I sure wish that I could cook like you do. I envy your ability to live off the land, take care of yourself and take care of the world. The picture of the food is delightful. This is amazing. I also love the endangered animal of the day. Fun..just fun.

  2. Amanda... you know you can do everything I do, thats also why I decided to put in down in writing. i'm enjoying this too. I can only hope mother adds me to Aunt Gales as a manager and i'll add all kinds of stuff there too.

  3. Amber, this is great!!! Love it. I just went onto your Aunt Gale's site. I will gladly add you as a manager to the site, someone let me know how to do that?? Anyway, This is exciting. Hope we keep this one going.....I agree with Amanda about the endangered animal, how appropriate. Amanda and I met and went to Kara's baby shower this afternoon. Several people asked about you. Of course, I shared how involved you are with your animals and of course the property. I will share this site with Resa and Carol.