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Saturday, July 30, 2011

didn't make the 20 mile mark...

We got started late.
It was already getting warm by the time we left the barn.
We rode down Flat Top, Down Old Fort, and decided to make a pit stop at the Amish store and get a sandwich.  made it to the house, went out some more... back, and then the barn... slow ride walked most of the way, but it was great!

It's funny and amazing... you see so much on the back of a horse.   ( they see so much and spook over the silliest things, cracked open /tilted man hole covers, snakes warming on the edge of the road)   The flowers were amazing, yes even all the things we call weeds are beautiful when on horse back.

I can tell you this... the white lines is slick with road shoes! On pavement, off to the curb, back on the road, back to the curb.... its a good practice for a lifted, good cross over!

The only really dangerous things that happen were the idiots in the red truck! ( who ever you were) that regardless that we ... meaning Mike, Me, and the horses were ON the ONE LANE BRIDGE, they decided they were going to cross it as well, going the opposite direction, regardless of the fact we were on it, and we had the right of way as we were on it first... ( horse against car) NC law states Horses, Bikes, have the right of way.... cars have a privilege NOT a RIGHT!   big difference.  So Sweet Pea did her normal rear, spinning on one hind leg and darting off the opposite direction.  Navarre was fine! Looked at the people like idiots! Wish I could have... I was just hanging on!

Second dangerous thing that happened was NOT the fault of the wonderful dump truck driver... but the fact that he slowed down for us and his air brakes scarred the living life out of Sweet Pea.  No big deal except it was next to an 8 foot drop off, a barbed wire fence, AND not to mention the road sign that could have cut my head off during her fit of insanity.  But this is what horses do... and this is why I had her on the road ... she is getting better, but will never be a horse I ride the road alone!  Navarre, her security blanket is a must!

Our / MY funny time was... when the mutt decided to attack Navarre! and Sweet Pea enjoyed chasing the dog, as it would a cat!  She got that dog well off the road, and had it running!   Second dog, was a stand off, Front Left Leg Raised and Dog with teeth showing the entire time.  Each would lunge at the other... We played this game till Navarre was far enough ahead she didn't have to worry about protecting him.   She darted up the road, caught up with Navarre in no time!

The heat is horrible for all this riding... we rode them to the house, sprayed them down, out three more miles, sprayed them down, back to the house, repeat... back to the barn... and repeat ... I could not have kept them riding had my friends not allowed us access to a hose!  THANKS guys...


Hoping to do 20 miles today.

Yep... as I sit here I wait for my partner in crime, as for the first time I am a little scared to be on the main road as much as I have planned for the day.  Thank goodness for people who don't mind riding with someone.

I am taking out Sweet Pea ... He is taking out Navarre! This is will be a difficult day, as Navarre is Sweet Pea's security blanket and they will not be attached for the first time.

When I decide to really do my riding they will be attached and the sweet pea will do so much better than I expect today.

So ... Today is all about NOT reacting to anything, NOT holding my breath as I am passed by motorcycles and 18 wheelers.  Today is going to be a day I will NOT have my coffee, I think my nerves will do me well enough.

Barn, House, spray horses... two more backroads... spray horses, barn spray... feed and let them go!

I'll check in later! as I am sure if my Mother reads this it will cause a worry! Although I have done this to her so much in my life time I can only HOPE she is getting used to the ? ? ? unexpected, out of the box, "Amber" kind of things I do!

"That's an Amber thing" they say at home!   They just think I'm really strange over there in NC.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

doing more research on PPSM , or EPSM

The medical field is ALWAYS changing, and thus specifically equine is as well.  I'm going back to site, checking their most up to date post, and double checking my plan of action.

Having done the work, and over looking my research on line, print, and with the vets.  As with any illness we never take it all in at once. The first thing I have noticed ... I over looked, did not hear, or simply never wanted to accept; this is going to be a good 4 to 6 month ordeal getting Navarre back to being even half way normal.  Having said that I should not be experiencing all the ups and downs it should have been a slow grade down hill, as he should have been progressing.  My issue is there is nothing to tempt him to move about!

While I never lock him in a stall, he stays in the barn all day in the shade.  I goes out to eat his hay early morning and late evening, but the gut doesn't get moved or activated all day.  THIS is a problem.  Horses in the wild are moving ALL DAY, and most of the night.

So his only movement is when I get him out ride or lunge the poor guy.  Just to call attention to my own stupidity... I lunged him into a bee / hornet hive the other day, we are both paying the price!

Monday, July 25, 2011

places I drive by...

I enjoy this place.  It is in a typical curve, so it is hard to appreciate it on a regular basis.  It is always this well kept and the flag is out if rain is not falling.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


With more research on the EPSM or PPSM... I am finding I may be able to use my entire pasture during the winter months.

This would be wonderful! as the horses need more space to RUN around I may be able to open one pasture at a time and allow them on it little by little as the grass starts to turn brown for the winter or even as early as when the grass looses most of its sugar content this fall.  All of this is exciting to me, as I hate seeing such beautiful, lush pastures go to waste.  Not to mention I hate seeing my horses be board with nothing to do all day.

As usual Sweet Pea is not the issue, only Navarre and I hate allowing her on pasture but not him.  Oh well, on to doing more research and seeing what else I can do.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


A while back I handed over the estate list to Michael.  It is now starting to show progress.  The pasture was sprayed with Pasture Pro.  A product I enjoy using as it a short turn around time to kill weeds and put animals back on pasture.   Not that I can use the pasture, but maybe I can get someone else to pay to use it on occasion.

My pastures are beautiful!
My lean-to needs to be repaired before I offer this option to others, but? life is on it's way back to peace.

The garden has been cleaned out!
The road side is ALMOST cut down into submission.  Large part next to the barn needs to be done and small part near garden needs to be completed. Otherwise we are getting there.

Gravely is dead again.  Battery does not get a re-charge? who knows what is wrong with it this time. Also sucking in air in the gas line.  Two issues I've got to work on... but who has the time?

Michael did bush-hog most of the road side at least 10- 15 feet into the woods.  This is wonderful!   He also assisted me in putting my ? collected cut down trees up as a short fence so people don't just walk through or worse take their 4 wheelers  into the property.

Now all we need to do is finish the two areas mentioned above, and spray the HECK out of the underbrush in the woods.  That Rosabunda crap has got me steaming like a tea pot! You can't walk through the place with out tearing your jeans or cutting up your legs.  LIFE... it never ends, but at least I've got help!

Friday, July 22, 2011

riding alone...

I am finding that like everything else in life I am a little different when it comes to riding.  The issue I am finding is people want to be able to ride with someone else.  Yes, well this would be nice but in my world this never works out.

I have ridden alone now for years, my husband deals with the safety issues and has at times threatened to put a tracking system on me or in my clothing.  I could care less.  If I am injured... this could be an issue.  But if I'm dead ... well... I died enjoying life.

My only concern about riding alone is how my horse would survive, or if one were injured, but I stick to our dead end road for now which is a good up mountain exercise for the kids, and a pain for me.

BUT the click , click , click of horses feet while alone even on a road in the mountains is often more relaxing than even on the Biltmore estate.  I enjoy the time alone, looking at everything, and saying hi to the neighbors as they drive past, or pear off their decks from above.  You should try it sometime.    If you don't have the perfect area... I do... and a horse that needs ridden... ha ha ha...

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Finding someone to ride may be harder than I expected!   After all I'm a horse person, and without a horse I would have killed to ride a good horse like him.

Having said that I've had a few people say they will tell others, but, no one jumping at the chance!

Today I got to sleep a little late, BUT I have several "wings" I have to make for Pirates' Lair , birds get warm breakfast... Navarre get early ride... then on to B&B picking up things on my way in, and getting 4 rooms ready for tomorrow.    I know it sounds like a lot but like I told someone recently ...it's really no different than all those women out there that shuffle the raising of three children.

I've got 4 days of meds cut up for Navarre, as I waited for my water to boil for the french press this morning.  I can only hope this is really going to help.  Just started it again yesterday, and already in the evening he was more willing to walk faster to his hay.  SO as much as I dread the thought of drugging him every day for the rest of his life, it appears that is where we are headed!

My next step is to take my Rx and talk to one of the "Asheville" type pharmacies around here! Whats the deal with Asheville? Well, around here there are some GREAT pharmacies that are all about education, and personal attention.  They may be able to assist me with something not so man made for Navarre, Besides I'm wanting to price out the Vitamin E thing and see if I can't get it cheaper in bulk through them.  I also need a new pestle and mortar if I'm going to be doing this from now on.

Oh well it's at least 5:30 and I haven't started my working yet!  
On I go! Off line again... till tomorrow!

Much love Amber.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


well I am some what freaking out about Navarre.  My horse bills have been more than high, my stress with watching, feeling, and evaluation EVERY time I go to the barn is like doing a 45 minutes vet check each time.

Having said that my little boy is not doing any better, he has gotten worse in the last few days.  I can not ride him for hours at a time like he needs.  I am searching for some more riders I can half way trust and hoping to get help.    ( I mean who wouldn't want to ride such a great horse for free? )

BUT this morning my main objective was to cut up, powder down 20 pills!   Yep 20 muscle relaxers... I've got to make this kid happy again, even it is using drugs, I can't stand the pain he is in.

more late... more work to do!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Funny how we all have that one special time of day that makes us feel good.

For me it's between 4:30 and 5:30am when I can feel a breeze through the window, hear animals outside, just before the am traffic starts.  Traffic on 74A starts about 5:45 and breaks the silence, my concentration, and makes me realize it is another work day.

With my Pirates' Lair work mostly done today...I have but a moment to jot down some words before getting into the shower to go feed and check on Navarre and Sweet Pea.  As the days get shorter I am starting to worry how I will evaluate him properly in such darkness.  I suppose an idea will pop into my head as the dawn fades and the darkness overtakes my early visits.  I can at this point only image a mid day visit to double check on him.

At any rate... Today is busy, shipping this morning, only a few charges, horses, B&B, then after breakfast I need to run to Rhino to pick up parts.  Back to B&B to clean, turn over some rooms, and check others in later.  Not to mention the Birds that arrive at my home today for a weeks sitting.  I so enjoy these birds!

Hopefully home by 6, feed birds, and go ride Navarre back into the dusk as the darkness once again controls my day.  Otherwise I would ride till 9pm... but Mother Nature will not allow such things... Darn I wish I could convince her to stay awake a little longer!  

But changes are the norm, every minute in my day, every day in my week, and yes every week, month of my years... Roll with it or it will roll over you!

Much love to the world.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Short and sweet

I got in my little ride today.  Navarre was softer than he has been in a long time, I think it was only because I took him out for a few hours/ all morning into the afternoon hours Sunday.

I have chosen to increase his Rice Bran... he is loosing weight, and while he is a mouthy horse it seems he is hungry all the time.  We shall see how this goes!  Beside Sweet Pea needed more feed, she too is loosing weight and as we get into cooler temps in the next few months, after all fall is only around the corner now, only a month and a half till September when it all starts to happen. They need to have a little meat on their bones, especially with this feeding for Navarre.

My rides are good, and at times there are those moments when I'm riding my dream horse.  But to ride everyday, not in a ring, not with a goal, only to move his body, make him mind when doing so, and each time I try to ask him to do something new?   Today we were getting used to a support reign.  He responded well and actually had a welcoming response by the end of the ride.

One of my major pet peeves... is a counter bent horse.  Only because "most" around here... not all ... but most have no idea a horse is suppose to look into a curve not to the outside as THEY pull the horses head to the outside instead of using a support reign and a heavy pushing leg all the way down.  ? But who am I ? I'm just a tobacco farmers granddaughter.  not a "real" horse person.

Around here your not a horse person unless your a western rider.  I go bareback with a pad, Dressage when I can, and western / roping saddle (very different) when I pony.    At any rate my mind digresses!

I need a walker!  if ANYONE ! ANYWHERE has one on the cheap please let me know!

Tomorrow, work... work ... and feed store, already need more feed, more oil, more electrolytes for the water, more Vitamin E , more muscle developer? (herbs and minerals) the list goes on and on...

productive Sunday

Of course after seeing all those beautiful Vanners, I had to give Navarre a bath.  I figured he would never be white again BUT sure enough... I got him with, rode him home, gave him hay and after a few bites he rolled around and my white horse was no more.

I didn't even get a photo of him this time.  By the time you bathe a horse your so tired you don't think about such things... and I still had that 4 and 1/2 mile ride back to the barn.

He did have a little of a melt down on the way home, BUT we were on a five lane highway with four lanes going crazy.  Motorcycles, Semi's and lots of traffic.    He did very well!

Sweet Pea on the other hand was driving the neighborhood crazy crying out for Navarre, I think she got more exercise than he did with all her pacing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Went to a Vanner show today.

There were so few horses I just left, but the ones that were there were beautiful! Part of going to a horse show for me is how they decorate their stalls, the getup's the poor horses are in to keep them clean, and watching the professional groomers do their work.  Very little of any of this going on.? Not sure why... But here are my photos.  

This last horse was not in the show while I was there, it is Navarre's Grandmother.  So I can't leave her out!

It is hard to believe Panda Rose is 14... how time flies!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes I've had the conversation with Jerry about my doing too much, getting burned out, getting sick!
Well it has finally happened SO>>>>>> I'm getting some help! Yes Wayne we really do talk about everything including my in ability to stop working.

I've put my estate list on hold! or shall I say I've given it away!

Michael is going to help me get the place back in order.  AFTER that we shall see what it takes to keep it in order.   I may just have to keep a farm hand on the payroll so I have the time to ride Navarre EVERYDAY! not to forget riding and tending to Sweet Pea as well.

Today was VERY busy!
Horses early, B&B, then I went to the clinic before my body spun out of control.  It took me hours in the clinic but while there I was reading and making my to do list, ( to do for someone else) Got my THREE prescriptions and went back to work, came home did some PL work, then on to the horses again, and walking through everything with Michael.

The horses got new shoes today, BEAUTIFUL THICK road shoes, incredible custom fits, frogs poured for Navarre, all with a good hot shod. I love my farrier! So glad I have him to depend on.  So I have to ride tomorrow, providing my body is up for it.  We shall see!

I'm not one to hand over my place of solitude; but in this case it's that or allow it to get out of control like some hoarder filling a room.  I felt like I was starting to hoard weeds! Vines! and downed trees.  So ... Michael and I made a plan tonight and I'm leaving it to him to NOT cut down my new trees, NOT spray my plants I want to keep, BUT to get rid of the other stuff that is taking over what little personal time I have.

With the horses on a mud lot the place looks horrible.  As soon as I can get the pastures looking better I am going to allow a friend to bring her horses over to graze.  Her place needs a rest and mine needs the natural grazing good swap!~

Having said that I am also looking into doing some overnight travels with the "kids" (meaning my horses) I am going to start packing one horse while riding the other.  Now I just have to find a place to go to practice my abilities... which may be NOTHING.   Yes this is in prep for a life long dream.

With a firm push from my loving husband, he suggested I get this one marked off my bucket list, SO... all I can do is try.  I'll fill you in more as time goes on.   BUT what really got me going is a girlfriend said she would help me along the way if I decided to do it.  How could I refuse?   No one has EVER said they would do road support for a crazy middle aged woman on a horse traveling as far as she can over a given ? ??? amount of time off work.

I'll have to talk to my boss about what we can work out, THEN I'll make my plans.


Please note... I was NOT there for the farrier today these are shots I had taken at different times, as I am always amazed at what good work he AND his assistant do!

Thank you guys...

He not only fits them perfectly but also did incredible trimming at the heal just in case Navarre over steps it is more likely to slide off instead of rip off his shoe.  LOVE it!

what a start!

woke up this morning as I was making my run to the bathroom and SLAMMED into the door at the bottom of the stairs.

Shook the house! All five birds started their chatter/Squawking... till one said  You're O K !

Couldn't go back to bed... got up to do work, Finished early!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just realized...

OK>>> so I'm very silly today!

Just a little note to the world... I will NOT be on line next weekend!   Not leaving, but may decide to camp out at the Ag. Center ( it's a joke)   All the Vanners will be in town! Clinics on Thursday and Friday. Shows on Saturday and Sunday!   I'll take the camera!

I'm excited to see the other Vanners again!

Poor Navarre!   Was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and now lives on a mud lot! Oh well... tiz life!

last few days too full to post.

I have to say I got my first nap. First stop of the last few days just moments ago!

I've been riding ... caring for three other horses... let out ONE dog that decided to run away? Must have been chasing something; her owner says.  But it gave me a heart attack, I was in a absolute panic!

To say the least my personal time has been very little... my rest time even less so.

I have decided to get someone to help me around the estate, as I have had NO time for maintenance and the husband has no interest!    I'm in the process of making a list of yes, no and maybe things for my help to do while I can not be around to advise, supervise or expect anything done my way.

Oh well back to my list... back to the other horses then to mine.

I so want to be in bed by 8pm tonight! lots to do in the morning.  My mind is starting to scream!   Does it ever slow down... but I know this winter my mind will scream!  Where has all the work gone?    Balance, Dream, and SLEEP three things I try everyday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

cram packed day!

I can tell you it's going to be a pressure cooker of a day.
I'm already late... yes 5:30 am and I'm an hour and half behind.

My postal program didn't work this morning so here I sit as boxes await!   I'll have to rush through my work and come back mid day to finish my am task.

Yep... Today...
One Cat
Two Birds
Three Horses
Shipping and Billing if they get the site working!
and my two kids ( horses as you know them)
Not to forget that required ride for the day!  

It's dark but I've got to go.... work clothes in hand to leave in car, for after my physical labor is done for the am...

I'll update later in the day

the Questions I get..

What is making Navarre better?
     If I knew EXACTLY I would bottle it and sell it!
My thing is I've changed only two things in the last few weeks.

1. His Electrolytes... I had ordered some per vets recommendations .. but it was on back order. I got several other electrolytes to use in the mean time... ONE made Navarre noticeably worse, the other worked great!  Navarre will take the one the vet likes in his feed BUT will not drink it in his water.

     I keep ONE large plain water container... and one bath tub with Electrolytes.  So I offer both at all times.

2. I am trying to get him on a hard ride everyday.  This is very noticeable the very next day... if not ridden or ponied UP the mountain he is more stiff the next day with or without medications.

3. We did put him on muscle relaxing medication while I was gone.  We also gave him Banamine for gut cramps.  He was starting to tie up just before I left.

so looks like the hard ride is my first thing...
the right electrolytes my second
and muscle relaxers are my third.. I am hoping to  get him off of these ASAP!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is why I keep this horse.

Today was a busy day as I posted earlier ( scroll down) I got home, got on my riding clothes and dreaded the daily ride.

Yes ... I said it! I dreaded it because I had already been working sense before 4 am, done more than a days work in anyone's schedule and still I had my two to take care of and three others for their nightly routines.  I love horses but after mucking stalls mid day, and finishing the rest of my work I was tired.  So tired I just wished I could skip the ride.  Besides I had three stalls to empty out perfectly tonight later.  Can't we not do this today?

Can't do it! The horse has to get his exercise and I'm the only one to do it!    Yes I suppose I could let someone ride him, but no one rides your horse like you do, I've been working on his training and we have progressed,so ... unless under my supervision no one is riding this kid again!

Having said that I ... with my riding pants, standard chaps, helmet and my flashing horse and rider vest I started down the mountain.  He climbs so well...but going down tends to bother him so I decided to go DOWN the mountain and over to the next.getting it over while he is fresh.    Little did I know I'd be out riding the back roads, finding new places on horse back.  It turned out to be one of the most exciting rides...as some cars slowed to a crawl, others BLAZED past me like we weren't there.  People came out of their houses... beautiful horse they would say... Then on the way back a little girl wanted to pet Navarre so I made sure it was ok with dad!  He held her up let her pet Navarre. Then I got off, she got on ... the little boy was next and they were both happy by the time I left.    Nice people!

I can't hardly express the emotions of riding this horse.  He is such a sweet horse, such an incredibly smooth hack, and nothing phases him! We went over the first bridge and the sound was strange but all he did was lower his head to get a closer look.  We trotted up a mountain and were flanked by two cantering mini horses and a mini burro.  He started to call out to them but I said NO you're under saddle, so he went about his gentle nature and trotted along till they could go no further.  He was curious of the pot belly pigs, but listened to my every body command.  It was amazing! As if we were free enough to do what ever we wanted, no matter dump trucks, school buses, semi's   I was amazed!   It made me feel like I really could ride him anywhere.  Do anything! How amazing would that be?

I then decided to ride down the main road (in my area) and down to a friends house.  She wasn't home so we worked our way back up the mountain.  This time the excitement was a loose dog.  Most dogs love to bark, but most were scared.  This one decided he was going to come after Navarre from behind, needless to say Navarre didn't like that idea and instead of turning around he just kicked out at the dog.... a few times.  So as we walked back up to the estate, I was mumbling how he was worse on me that he was that dog. As if he understood every word?   But this is how I ride.

I was slightly stupid as no one knew where I was, Jerry only knew I was going to be on the horse.  Not that I would go down roads never explored in a car, much less end up just behind the firehouse on 74A.  I can't believe we covered so much ground in such a short time, now I can only hope he is feeling good tomorrow. Not for me to do that to him again... after all I do have to ride Sweetpea at some point, so he will be ponied tomorrow.  So Riding the horse that is scared of her shadow I'll just be going UP the mountain to the top and back down.

I got to the car started over to my animal appointment, tried to call Joe, a horse friend but didn't then I thought I would call Cristi, but it was getting late and she has two kids, then I thought about Blaize ? but I'm posting it here first.

A wonderful Ride... Yes this is why I  keep this horse ! He is amazing when it comes to adventures, AND so smooth I could trot on him all day.

To Do List for the day!

Major shipping today... Our newest item was just released to a private waiting list.  ( I hate these days... ) So my living room is full of boxes, can't get to my front door with out stacking boxes out of the way.  

Smaller boxes are in my office up stairs so I have to do the shipping on them and carry them down my deadly (not to code on angles) staircase.  Jerry has put some wonderful grips on them but never fails! I fall all the time.  Can't wait till I get even older!... 

I've got my two kids this morning, then to the B&B, do breakfast... small numbers today, but many rooms to clean... THREE horses mid day, skip, feed, and check on illnesses... Cat mid day... SHOWER... then back to B&B for more cleaning... To my horses, ride Navarre up the mountain.. THREE horses for evening, put out,  clean stalls, and prep for next morning... 

It will be past dark before I get home from all my work today BUT the time with horses is like getting paid for play time.  While it is physically demanding, requires I respect my schedule,  I have chosen something that keeps me in shape, I get to see the sun rise and set with my favorite smell, I get to experience the morning due and the evening fogs roll in. 

HORSES... who could ask for much more?   making a little money off your passion THAT my friends is what I call life! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I didn't have my camera

For those of you that really follow my issues with my youngest horse.  I had to share!

I am so excited!  I drove to the barn... but past it ... to help a Neighbor.  Navarre came trotting to the gate then stopped when he realized I was going to drive by and not feed him.  As I drove back down the mountain he reared, bucked, and RAN around in a circle, till I got to our meeting point.

I was so excited to see him play I started to run to the barn only to have him RACE me and beat me to the feed room! of course Sweet Pea was just as cute, head tucked and doing her fancy little trot.   But I am ecstatic that Navarre was so playful.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A trip home.

Last year this time I went made a special trip home, we gathered for Tea and literally blew bubbles in celibration of Aunt Gale ending a round of chemo...  In the year sense... Nanny our matriarch has passed, Aunt Gale has progressed into another stage of cancer, and we almost lost her earlier in the year.

I'm blessed that I have shared my feelings with Aunt Gale face to face.  She is aware she was a rock for me in my teenage years.  I would not be the woman I am today had she not allowed me to vent, voice my anger, love, and needs for and in life.  SHE is a major part of my life.

She is accepting her fate with grace, dignity, and intelligence.  I applaud her for making choices and sticking to them.  Our discussions over tea, lunch, and dessert were gut wrenching to say it nicely, but we as a family has always accepted the circle of life... and death is just a part of that circle.  We have ALL discussed this, I have plans with and for Jerry ... we know pictures the other wants to use... we know where each others ashes go.  everything.  BUT to have Aunt Gale sitting there slow in movement, pale in complexion, and with a faded smile it CRUSHED my heart.  I broke into tears and cried as I drove away.    While I do not want to miss my Aunt Gale, I have always tried to tell my love ones while still here how much I care for them.

While we all try... words never really grasp what emotions run through our hearts

So if you have an Aunt, an Uncle, A Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or a chosen family member tell them today... not just that you love them. But what they mean to you.


Friday, July 1, 2011


July; named after Julius Caesar... was originally called Quintilis, as the fifth month in the earliest of calendars... The Latin Calendar which contained only 10 months for the year...