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Saturday, July 23, 2011


A while back I handed over the estate list to Michael.  It is now starting to show progress.  The pasture was sprayed with Pasture Pro.  A product I enjoy using as it a short turn around time to kill weeds and put animals back on pasture.   Not that I can use the pasture, but maybe I can get someone else to pay to use it on occasion.

My pastures are beautiful!
My lean-to needs to be repaired before I offer this option to others, but? life is on it's way back to peace.

The garden has been cleaned out!
The road side is ALMOST cut down into submission.  Large part next to the barn needs to be done and small part near garden needs to be completed. Otherwise we are getting there.

Gravely is dead again.  Battery does not get a re-charge? who knows what is wrong with it this time. Also sucking in air in the gas line.  Two issues I've got to work on... but who has the time?

Michael did bush-hog most of the road side at least 10- 15 feet into the woods.  This is wonderful!   He also assisted me in putting my ? collected cut down trees up as a short fence so people don't just walk through or worse take their 4 wheelers  into the property.

Now all we need to do is finish the two areas mentioned above, and spray the HECK out of the underbrush in the woods.  That Rosabunda crap has got me steaming like a tea pot! You can't walk through the place with out tearing your jeans or cutting up your legs.  LIFE... it never ends, but at least I've got help!

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