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Thursday, July 7, 2011

the Questions I get..

What is making Navarre better?
     If I knew EXACTLY I would bottle it and sell it!
My thing is I've changed only two things in the last few weeks.

1. His Electrolytes... I had ordered some per vets recommendations .. but it was on back order. I got several other electrolytes to use in the mean time... ONE made Navarre noticeably worse, the other worked great!  Navarre will take the one the vet likes in his feed BUT will not drink it in his water.

     I keep ONE large plain water container... and one bath tub with Electrolytes.  So I offer both at all times.

2. I am trying to get him on a hard ride everyday.  This is very noticeable the very next day... if not ridden or ponied UP the mountain he is more stiff the next day with or without medications.

3. We did put him on muscle relaxing medication while I was gone.  We also gave him Banamine for gut cramps.  He was starting to tie up just before I left.

so looks like the hard ride is my first thing...
the right electrolytes my second
and muscle relaxers are my third.. I am hoping to  get him off of these ASAP!

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