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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


well I am some what freaking out about Navarre.  My horse bills have been more than high, my stress with watching, feeling, and evaluation EVERY time I go to the barn is like doing a 45 minutes vet check each time.

Having said that my little boy is not doing any better, he has gotten worse in the last few days.  I can not ride him for hours at a time like he needs.  I am searching for some more riders I can half way trust and hoping to get help.    ( I mean who wouldn't want to ride such a great horse for free? )

BUT this morning my main objective was to cut up, powder down 20 pills!   Yep 20 muscle relaxers... I've got to make this kid happy again, even it is using drugs, I can't stand the pain he is in.

more late... more work to do!

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