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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hoping to do 20 miles today.

Yep... as I sit here I wait for my partner in crime, as for the first time I am a little scared to be on the main road as much as I have planned for the day.  Thank goodness for people who don't mind riding with someone.

I am taking out Sweet Pea ... He is taking out Navarre! This is will be a difficult day, as Navarre is Sweet Pea's security blanket and they will not be attached for the first time.

When I decide to really do my riding they will be attached and the sweet pea will do so much better than I expect today.

So ... Today is all about NOT reacting to anything, NOT holding my breath as I am passed by motorcycles and 18 wheelers.  Today is going to be a day I will NOT have my coffee, I think my nerves will do me well enough.

Barn, House, spray horses... two more backroads... spray horses, barn spray... feed and let them go!

I'll check in later! as I am sure if my Mother reads this it will cause a worry! Although I have done this to her so much in my life time I can only HOPE she is getting used to the ? ? ? unexpected, out of the box, "Amber" kind of things I do!

"That's an Amber thing" they say at home!   They just think I'm really strange over there in NC.

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