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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Navarre and grass

I've said it a million times...
I've got a horse I can't allow to have grass.

I know my battles, and keeping Navarre locked in a stall has turned out to be almost impossible.  I'm going to have to devise yet another style lock system.  He has thus figured out two types and it is hard to keep him in.

so after unloading hay I had to let him out, and I had to drive from the mud lot through the gate to the pasture.  I left it wide open, as I wanted to see him run!   He didn't he assumed it was closed and went to the hay tub.

As soon as I hit the gate area he came running up behind me and SQUEEZED in between my  trailer and the fence post.  He was not about to miss 3 seconds of grass time.  Sure enough he went straight to my little patch of clover took a huge mouth full.  It was hanging from both sides of his mouth as I waved them out of the pasture back into the mud lot.

It was a sight to see, he was cute as a yearling, I wish I could let him eat as much as he wanted... but I cant afford the vet bills, seeing him in such pain, and I think he is starting to feel the difference himself.  Otherwise he would be still testing that fence every chance he got.


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  2. I feel your pain Navarre. I too can't have as much grass as I want and spend my days gazing longingly at the long lush grass just the other side of my fence.
    My friend has recently been diagnosed with EPSM. He will be pleased to hear he is not alone.

  3. Thank you for the kind note, I am the only one in my area with this horrible issue, but I am eager to speak with others and see their advancement or challenges with this painful thing!
    / Navarre.