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Friday, July 30, 2010

how do you pack for a vacation?

I'm the vacation packing person BUT my husband is the most organized. He has a list (from pre me days) that he checks off every thing one mark at a time

Here is my basic...
1. No matter how long we are going ... you only pack three days of clothes THAT CAN ALL MIX AND MATCH.  xmpl... if I were going to ? Paris, I would change bottoms listed below for this trip for black long skirt, gray pencil, and khaki mid length.  Tops for White blouse, Green abstract cut blouse and a basic long sleeve mock-turtleneck all interchangeable... but do able and all able to layer, or unlayer at a moments notice.  I would not take hiking boots but my trusty nice basic comfortable black or brown shoe instead.  life is simple if you MAKE it simple.
     a. my basic wardrobe...

          A belt

          Red Long Sleeve Shirt
          khaki Pants with air wholes
          Red t-shirt mid arm length,
          red thick socks, smart wool thin socks,
          Black Sports Bra, Pink Sports Bra

          Blue Long Sleeve Shirt
         khaki Pants with Zipper shorts
          Blue air shirt,
          Blue Thick socks, blue smart wool thin socks,
          Orange with blue flower sports bra, Blue Stripe Sports Bra

          Green Long Sleeve Shirt
          Darker khaki Pants heaver...
          Green Air Shirt,
          Green Thick Socks, Cream Thin wool Socks
          White Sports Bra x2

2. I do however carry twice as much underclothes? so... three pair of thick socks, three pair of thin socks, and more sports bras, panties etc... all as noted above in my basics.  Things can happen, item not drying fast enough, getting horribly dirty in one day, or just clean fresh close items for ??? after you get ..... relaxed, showed and ? pampered.   I generally wash my clothes from THAT day... in the evening when I take my shower.  Scrub... Soap it's all there!

3. I like to carry two black dresses for night time going out... BUT I often cut this down to ONE with added accessories to spice it up or down.
     I take a black polyester dress and a black cotton wrap IF I have room.  I take two necklaces always costume never flashy or looks of expense?  and a scarf or two if I have room, (these I take nice... it's safe enough)

4. Shoes... three pair MAX ? why so many? well.  One for going out ... HIGH HEELS This time I am taking red shoes dull, basic and classic?, One for hiking ( my trusty barn boots with smells and all... just joking I always clean them well and even deodorize the inside... you will see why later), for the woods, streets, or mud puddles.  and last shower shoes (my trusty old plastic things... I hate taking them BUT great for walking around in a hotel AND easy to get through airport customs etc...) for third world or camping! trust me... you need them all.   I do however mix it up a little if going out and doing more comfortable city walking instead of hiking...I take a pretty comfortable but NOT Sassy or Show stopping pair of shoes.  Don't call attention to your self wearing nice, or expensive shoes; in some places this can get you hurt.

5. FOOD?  What? yep! I never EVER travel without food.  Sound crazy? well try getting stuck in an airport in a foreign country!  Third World with no ANYTHING... I've been in air ports that are smaller than a neighborhood bus stop. Literally... you were lucky if there was enough room under the overhang to get out of the sun.  Take something with you,  I take horrible things people are afraid of, it keep the kids from begging and I know I will not be bothered.  Potted meats! Sardines! and a bamboo fork, spoon and knife!   yea laugh at me now! just wait till you get stuck between exchanging money and nothing! I even carried these with me to Yellowstone, and almost had to use them! Another 5 minutes and I would have been stuck for 24 hours... then what?

6. Toiletries!  I always take a new tooth brush, un opened, and a travel size roll of TOILET PAPER in my carry on, just in case! I keep travel size everything in my house for bikers who stop by and have nothing with them, so... I grab what I might need.  For you it's just as simple, go to K mart... Large grocery chain... and get a sample size of what ever you need, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, deodorant, germ cleaner, static cling free ... they have EVERYTHING... ask my sister! I love giving the kids these little things when they come to stay overnight!  It adds to their fun here and given them a sense of ownership and being special.  What samples I can not get in a must have brand... I pack in TINY carry on sizes in the required zip lock bag.  I have a label maker and make sure I know what they are, but a permanent marker would do just as well.  Too much trouble... may be so, but I don't suffer while I'm gone!  I have everything I need and enjoy my time away!

7 Carry on!  Always pack your carry on FIRST!  Why? because this is going to be EVERYTHING you need IF the world comes to an end!... 
     a. I always carry ONE change of clothes.  I have packed in my carry on... a zip lock with all the RED day in it.    VERY IMPORTANT.... I also have my raincoat in my carry on.
     b. Any sample size you HAVE TO HAVE, tooth paste, deodorant, toothbrush, moisturizer, BUG spray, hand cleaner.
     c. TRUE EMERGENCY things... I have a small light with whistle on it, I have band aids, neosporine, benidrille, DRAMAMINE, dental floss, my new toothbrush etc...
     d. Things you do not want to be with out.  I have a bathing suite and cover up, neck pillow, Eye mask and EAR PLUGS.  Cover up also used as blanket on planes... now they charge you for blankets, pillows, and again ANY FOOD other than a drink.  Be Prepared!

     8. After packing your carry on with EVERYTHING you have to have... pack your suite case. If going to a third world take things with you, you can leave. Old T-shirts, shorts etc. This will also allow you to see what room you may have left over for things you want to bring back... If going some place nice ... you want to look great while gone pack an empty soft bag in your suite case for things you want to bring back. make sure it is not too large, preferably the size of a carry on, but make sure you put NOTHING in it for the trip there.  This is VERY important.  I always have room so... I take snacks to keep my cost of food down.

     9.  Think you don't have room, remember these tips.
          a.  If you put clothes in FREEZER Zip Lock Bags you can squeeze the air out of them and save space. I sit on every bag I zip. 
               This tip also has a second reason.  Any time you go NEAR water of any sort, you luggage is likely to be exposed to fish or seafood.  It will ruin your clothes but not your bag! so protect your clothes as much as you can.
           b. ALWAYS put things in your shoes, just make sure shoes are clean before doing so.  My boots are the perfect size for three pair of socks, three panties, and two sport bras.  make sure you push things tightly into the toes or you are loosing valuable packing space. in between the packed shoes I place my makeup lotions, and other necessities.
          c. Roll things that can wrinkle, I have a bungee around my rain coat, and rubber bands around my cover up/blanket.  It also allows me to put rolls on my small carry on that I am also using as my daily purse/bag for excursions.

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