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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Settled back in.

I am still sleeping late, which is completely ABNORMAL for me, but apparently with all my hacking, cracking in the lungs and not being able to breath perfectly my body needs the extra few hours in deep sleep.

.... Talked to Daddy this morning, a fire was reported in Yellowstone, but neither of us is aware of the area in report, so apparently not near a road or any used  back trails at the moment or more info would be out in the world. 

Daddy is on his treck back... boy does he have a horrible awakening after his frozen grass this morning as he hooked up his truck and trailer, it's hot here! it is hot everywhere.

BUT I have been able to get a few things done while getting back to my normal schedule.

Finally got the horses settled... got the lot cleaned  up, got the gate dug out, and going to mop the stalls later today.

Birds are perfect! I've been letting them out three times a day to make up for all their caged time.

OK.. more photos of my trip.  life here is boaring so pictures it is.

OK,  so these are the edges of the pools. The crust of minerals from within the earth that make it to the surface and bacteria starts to grow in the HOT waters.
look at how it just ROLLS over edges it has created! killing everything in its path.
These pools reminded me more of the South Pacific than anything I have ever seen in North Central or South America's
Different Bacteria and depth create different colors.

Even the steam is colored by the reflections...
The threat, the power, the life and death that can come from ALL these waters is hard to grasp!

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