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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A day of delight!

My husband and I RARELY ever spend money on frivoulous things... without warning he purchased me a message and facial for my birthday.  I was floored when I found it ( the certificate) on the fireplace mantel. 

I am taking the afternoon off and going to be pampered for hours!  I could not believe he did this, when I asked him what provoked the sintement he quickly replied with out thought... because you have been working your @$$ off.  While I feel like I do this quite often, I believe as the barn is coming to a close he is noticing my management, financial, and physical skills all come together with the project.  I am so honored to have this mini vacation in between two vacations... quite frankly I need it...

While the infection in my sinus and lungs is no longer a threat, the reaction is.  Meanning all my body fluids are now more clear and runny instead of thick and green... not that anyone cares but I hate to go away again only to get MORE sick instead of enjoying myself.

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