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Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on barn.

I find that sense I have been away, I can more appreciate what has happened to the estate.  Sound funny?

Every day I got up and the first thing in my mind was... what's the list for the day.

What do I need done today,
In What Order,... thinking through every task in detail in order to not touch things twice, getting things done in a needy fashion.
What is that going to leave me for the next move, what prep do I need to do for tomorrow? 
How can I build this or that and save time, materials, and energy.  What materials do I have that I can use, What materials are going to be necessary to purchase.
Who do I need to call for the barn, metal, wood, etc...
What supplies do I need for the day, Do I have them, What do I need for tomorrow?
Who has the cheapest prices today? Great... call suppliers ASAP... again...
Gas... Gas do we have enough gas and oil?

It was non stop

I find now that I rarely ever just stopped! Looked at all the progress and while I was estattic with daily results I was NOT seeing the full picture.

I now see this place is beautiful... even if I do say so myself!

Thank you Troy, for getting all of this on a roll, I could have never gotten up that first pole without your guidance, help,and teachings.  You are the person that put ALL of this in motion.  Yes I had the thoughts and plans done but I had no one to help me get the thing UP and Ready for animals.

Troy did EVERYTHING he could to stop the world on its axis, and did so. While his life got very busy I was blessed with another man who wanted to work and was willing to work but best of all had the skill to work.  He worked under Troy's direction till I took over having seen all the work Troy had and needed to concentrate on at his real paying job.

Karl is the person that helped me with the roof, walls, floors etc... There is so much detail, we spent hours each day talking things over in detail, making sure we were on the same page of what I expected, wanted and needed long term.

Karl is to be credited with all the craftmanship that has gone into my little barn.

Its functions are simple but this is what I wanted,
Its looks are rustic, but this is what I needed in order to fit into the area I have placed the barn.  I did not want it to stand out too badly in the winter.  I can only hope my neighbors can see the thought I put into making sure it was not a RED BARN with a GREEN ROOF that screamed at them as they drove by...

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