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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Life is good today... only rain no snow yet!

Having said that the "kids" broke through the fence to get to the newly sewn pasture.  The green grass was just too much for Navarre to resist.

As I encouraged them back into their muddy lot this morning... Sweetpea JUMPED the fence so she didn't have to touch it.  Navarre, he has got to be the one destroying my electric fencing, he is after all the one driven more by his stomach than his brain.

So this afternoon in the rain... I shall be repairing the silly electric fence once again.

Life! It never stops! At least I have one heck of an outer fence... I've not seen them getting out of the five foot 12 steel cabled fencing YET!  But I would not put it past Sweetpea to jump it if she feels like it.  She is my little athlete after all.  He is my piglet.

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