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Sunday, January 30, 2011

GREAT Weekend!

OH how the sun was so bright this weekend!  While I normally feel the wind burn on my face it was the sun today, that made me stop; take a deep breath, and just stand there, such simple enjoyments have been rare in our reasonable but wet winter thus far.

My morning started with my daily grind.

Unplugging the boots, and pulling on clothes that no one else would possible want, or ever be caught dead in much less out in public as I do.  I know! I can be such an embarrassment to my dear love, and my family!   But... I'm working after all...

  Un-plugging the boots? you ask... YES ... While I allow electronics (dvd players, tivo?down to a food processor) to weight the boat of someone else I use and keep the things EVERYONE (who is out in real weather) should have.

I plug up my boots at any point they are not on my feet.   DRY STICKS... while there are several on the market now... I have had mine quite some time.  I love them and recommend them to anyone and everyone.  Here are mine... the DRY STIX  a life savor!  Try cabalas as a start! dry stix

While my boots are not wet EVERYday they are most days, and when not wet... you can bet they are still going to be cold.  I can't stand starting out my day with the only thing cold on my body are my toes...

While I have been void of pictures as of late... I made sure to get shots of my goals for the day. so here you go... after the norm... I made it to the truck!
Yesterday I unloaded and re-loaded the truck...
not a big deal... your right! but it was a good workout!

Today I started with the re-load of yesterday...
(You gotta love my NEW dent! ) a reference to previous post I didn't have a picture for!

Jan. 23rd, Truck story!

I got the truck UN-Loaded and slowly but surely got it RE-Loaded yet again...   After all I do have plenty of this stuff!    I do actually layer it as I put it down in my compost area.  An area... full of leaves (for dry) and twigs ( to make sure it gets air)  layer layer layer... but next year ALL this hard work will pay off as a wonderful garden!

So I finished the day with a larger deeper, fuller load to un-load ... when ever I get the chance OR the husband gets tired of the smell!   Although I do have to say... having it in the BLACK truck for the winter quickens the process UNLESS it's too wet like it is this year!   Normally I can leave it in there for winter and it's almost ready by spring.  HEY!  have you ever tried to drive mountain roads with no weight in the back of a long bed truck?   If not!  then you need to try to before knocking what ever FREE RESOURCE I have!

I do everything I can with as little as possible... it leaves me money for animals, travel, and other passions in life.

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