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Friday, January 14, 2011

Soapbox! l

Here it is ... While I normally do not do this... I can't help it today!  After having my own horrible day, I did not need to see this in the world, BUT it must be shared ... it must be discussed.


I am the first to admit I take care of my animals a VERY SPECIFIC way.  I take the responsibility of another life very seriously.

While I do not have children (by choice) I do know EVERY child in the world is different and requires different things.  The same is true of any animal... No matter if it is used to ? make money, by breeding, fiber, meat or just to enjoy by companionship, showing, or riding.  We all are different but we all need basic care!

I believe we all have the right to live naturally and die of natural causes... But there is nothing natural about life once a human in involved with the keeping of ANY animal.

Get it through your head!  if an animal is wild it is NOT being taken care of by a human.  It is a caged animal with wild tendencies.  If you have or are given an animal you are now responsible for ALL it food, shelter, water, health issues, and preventative care!  

In this specific case... there is nothing normal or natural about the hooves of horses over growing to the extent of causing (so much pain) the horse to give up and DIE.   No this would not happen in the wild, but the herd would be constantly stalked by bobcats, wolves, or wild dogs running for its life and wearing down its hooves.  There is so much more to wear down their feet BUT not being pinned up even if they had been on plantation size lot


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