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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Work

While I have several things already planted, carrots, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, parsnips, and turnip greens. I decided to expand my garden this year with above the ground beds. That way I can control the weeds easier and create a path never mashing down my planting soil and messing up my beds.

I have a weird plan but I believe it will best use my space and give me a visual element a normal/country garden lacks with my boring rows and rows of things... I can only hope this works out as much labor is going into setting this up.

But I also have incredible things going on I am testing or growing other things for over at the property later. A friend gave me some grasses he split recently. I am so excited; as one of these is suppose to grow up to 12 feet, although they have been a disappointment to him I can only hope my brutal full sun spot will make them flourish.... I’ll let you know later in the year.

Spring has sprung! Thus this picture of the peach tree bloom. It is such an old tree and sadly neglected through the years it weeps much like an cherry in a Japanese movie. It is the one thing in the garden Jerry and I both enjoy each spring. I can only hope to have something as pink and lovely once our place is fully established

I am sure the next thing in our current yard to bloom will be the crab apple tree, it too is pretty but hacked to such a state it barely resembles a tree any more. I shall provide more pictures of it later as it turns to be pretty.

Sadly... many of my things did not make it through the winter. My old beloved Rosemary bush that had traveled with me to mid western states.... She finally passed as I will have to replace her and can only hope my next will last me the 10 years she did.

I too have lost my favorite cutting plants. My lavender although only 6 years old have all three decided not to weather the winter well and will need to be replaced. These three things sadly effect what little I had as my blue garden. I will have to rethink the spot but there are more pressing things during this planting season. I will let you know of my decessions later... possibly turning it into nothing but grasses could be nice.


  1. Reading this simply made my day. What an absolute delight. Sorry to hear about your Rosemary...makes me think of the rosemary centerpiece that went up in flames during our Christmas dinner!! Thank goodness for the women in the house, the men (including the Army Ranger) just watched.

  2. oh memories... wounder if he ever passed that test?