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Monday, March 16, 2009

Brush, Fencing, and LOTS of work.

While this is ONLY a picture of the property without the fencing it is amazing how well everything is starting to come together. Having all this open space is what allows me to vision the rest of the project. My next issues are getting the fencing up, creating a platform/level site for the barn, then pasture seeds. WE shall see how it goes. While working on the list above I also have to start planning on how to use the space more wisely for food and being self supportive. First thing on my list is Apples. An easy item to have that will take years before a tree produces anything so... Off to purchase apple trees wish me luck.


  1. Amber, thanks so much for sharing your progress. I feel like I am more involved. What about my carrot question? It is time to plant now? Hope you had good luck with the APPLES...

  2. Looking for an update on the progress on the MOUNTAIN!! It is refreshing to read and see what is happening....all is well here

  3. YES ... I planted carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale , cabbage, lettuce and parsnips ...I posted this on the food thing you replied to earlier.. sorry I missed you on it.

    I have wood from the barn I took down and I going to make above the ground beds so I can control this area next to my house better. it is going to be an involved process ... I'll post more about it as I get caught up on the property.