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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We... Jerry and I have tightened our belts, even more than normal, this year; and in doing so I did not spend the extra money on purchasing a Gypsy Vanner Calendar.  I generally need a calender on every floor so not to miss something in my life.

My lovely step-daughter always gets Jerry and I both our own calenders, we so look forward to getting them! I got mine for Christmas this year.  A lovely horse calender, as I sat in the plush, fluffy, large chair glanced at the back of the calender to see the examples... as my eyes widened and my heart started to pound... oh no it can't be... so I opened the calender and a some what larger photo example just above December... and that was ALL it took for me!

My heart stopped, my body went into convulsions trying to get out of that chair... I knocked over something, trying to get around the foot stool.  Jerry, Barb, and Donna all looked at me like I was crazy!  

It's him, It's my baby!  Jerry just looked at me with a blank face, Poor Donna and Barb didn't know what to think... it was likely the first time they had seen me in such an uncontrollable state of mind.  Are you sure? It does kinda look like him.

Of course this just upset me... as if I didn't know my own child! Kinda my ASS, IT IS NAVARRE, ok... ok he said... forget it!  I'll prove it to you when we get home.

So here You all make the call!

I've taken the photo of September and focused more on What I say is my horse...
And now... I am adding a proof, sent to me.... from Mark Barrett... who just happens to have had this calender printed...

while I am NOT able to blow up these proofs... I will add more... of Navarre from that same day of shooting.
And while the light is different... I have other photos of Navarre that day...
So is it Navarre?
You tell us!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Walk around town.

I'm just posting some photos I took while out walking a dog.  I enjoy taking a fresh look at places I go all the time.  I hope you enjoy looking at old things as much as I do.

I well kept old structure, used for ? garage etc...

Many places in the area are abandoned and then used for storage?

this last one I love... old, but updated and still being used!   This is what it is all about.

Friday, December 17, 2010


While the week started as a challenge it has turned into a beautiful ending and thus I will have to take time and go ride my horses.  If anyone is up for a ride... call me! I'm leaving early a.m.  if you like to join me.

As far as today... I'm working getting things out for "Santa" and cleaning my office desk.
YUCK! but it has to be done at some point.

No pictures today but plenty for tomorrow! Much love to the rest of the world....

Life is grand... do not let weather, or mother nature stop you from having a good time when you can.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Life is great!

I'll post later... getting caught up on work.

Ok... so I spoke too soon, but what the heck.

This is a picture of Navarre's Right front foot.  I posted on my facebook... broke two hoof picks, and one hoof knife finally took the hammer and rubber mallet to their feet.

I cleaned them early in the morning... and twice tonight before I left.

FINALLY got it out of their feet and got them back to normal.

My mittens froze from the water container ( I had to get the ice out) to the barn  (not 20 feet.)... I finally had to just take them off! yes yes I had TWO pair of gloves on underneath so it was NOT a big deal.

But it is funny when your outer layer starts to freeze up before you can react to it.

Tonight... the wind never stopped ... you can see the horses have snow on their blankets... Navarre had ice on his ears and his mane.

Their isn't much I can do about ice on him, besides he has on his rain coat, and doesn't seem to be bothered at all.  He was still very playful.

Sweetpea... well I had to lock her up clean her feet, clean off her blanket and make sure she ate all her feed, and got all her oil down.  I put an extra bail of hay under the overhang...

Shoveled and swept out the barn... shoveled outside the barn about 8 feet trying to give them a place with no snow.  We shall see how this works tomorrow morning.

The "exciting" thing is I will likely be walking up the mountain from this point on.

As I was going down the mountain in LOW in only first gear... not even registering speed on the odometer I well.... ended up backwards... so ? what the heck.  I'm here the truck is fine, nothing happened... just a very slow scary recovery!

I stopped the truck and got out to take this picture. not great... but not my normal camera either.

Below is a better picture... I think.

Monday, December 6, 2010

7 Degrees this morning.

Yesterday ... I was so content.  I had created the smells of the season for the house.

How Sweet the smells....
Cloves, apples, oranges Cinnamon

I had a glass of wine after taking care of all the animals.
BUT TODAY! my morning started out... at 25-35 mph winds, at only 23 degrees making it feel like 7!
Besides feeling like WINTER ... this was my drive to the barn.

ok... the streets are clear in front of the house! So I make my morning rounds in the car.
I get barely around the first switch back and much like Aunt Gale on her first and only trip to the estate... I could not breath and started into a little of a panic... oh my ... what if my car can't make it up this mountain? Oh my ... with no guard rails ... what if I end up DOWN the mountain, on top of a house, or ? on the edge... I finally started to feel the panic she had that day as I drove her car up the mountain.

Normally I give this mountain or any other NO Thought...I just go! Today... I wish I had been in the truck BUT only if it had a full load in the back end.
Don't get me wrong... it is a beautiful sight, just one with no curb, no rails, no ? anything...
I did as usual make it to the top with no real issues ... just that of high blood pressure I am sure.

The horses were estatic to get out.
The water... well it IS going to be more of an issue than I had hoped.  I am going to have to create a wind barrier for the water container as well instead of just the hosepipe ...

First things first I broke the ice, and threw out the chunks.  Having said that... it was already starting to refreeze BEFORE I left.

I did finally relax enough to enjoy the views from the mountain on my way down.
It is not expected to be even 30 degrees today...
So is the beginning of my day... and thus the way the rest of the week looks as well.

I do hope yours is as bright as mine.

Friday, December 3, 2010


While I think every little thing is life is amazing, I am sure you all get tired of reading that word so...

Here is my recent luck!
I've been happy, been able to provide water for my horses sense Oct 4th.  I have not hauled water in almost 2 months, to me this is " incredible"

As I figured all good things must come to an end, I filled both water containers for the horses as the weather here has been ... more like winter than just cold.  We have had freezing rain, Sleet, and a snow flurry already.  So I figured if nothing else havinng more water in the container would allow me to break the ice, toss it and not have to worry about the hose pipe. 

Time to clean the containers today AND worry about the hose pipe.  I can not believe it... even in the high 20's low 30's ... It worked... SLOWLY but it WORKS... so today as the weather gets up to the low 40's I'll cover the extension with insulation and get it winterized a little better.   Excited that it's working so far.. this is a BIG DEAL... I was afraid I was going to hauling water from the house all winter... that will NOT be fun if I have to do that! 

It is worrying how critical water is... But it will all work out somehow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Standard Day

The panic of the day started last night.

I was at home alone, about to go to the barn... and I realized my early morning appointment need preparations I had yet to do.

We have all been there!  When you forget to pick up something, deliver something, or just make sure all your ducks are in a row...

I had gotten it all ready, hooked up the trailer, plugged everything in, chains, tongue, locks, vents... I just forgot the one thing that keeps my horses from killing each other... (with shoes on all four... this could cause me some major vet bills. ) My trusty Divider... padded and perfect for my two kids...   (wish my parents had purchased dividers for us three kids ha ha ha... )

So here I am all 140lbs of me!  While I can throw or stack hay bails, muck stalls and haul water pushing well over 500lbs with my legs... I can NOT get the divider INTO my trailer alone.  What's the big deal?  Well... the big deal is my darling husband is NOT a morning person, is NOT a physical person, and would rather have a root canal than be cold.

Having said that I waited... anxiously ... nervously ... pacing time till his return.  I was done! It was 6:30 and could feel the down turn in my body.  Not a big deal you say!   Well for a woman who rarely gets a good nights sleep, it's a VERY big deal.  I took my shower, waited, got my tea... and he arrived home.

It was either We both had to change clothes, hold flash lights, and work in the dark, I would have to take yet another shower... or he could get up in the morning and help me AFTER I got everything else all set up and ready for him.

WE choose the latter!

So I got up by 5:30  (only 27 degrees) ... as normal, started the water for my coffee, ran out side to plug up my old truck and dag nab it... the extension cord would not reach... no big deal, there is one behind the seat, NOPE... ok... where else would I have put it?   I looked in the catch all basket, I looked in the horse area, finally I went out side and looked in the shed.  Actually I stood there! looking in all the boxes, buckets, under blankets for sale, and everything I need to find a permanent home for...   I was just about to give up... and there it was in plain sight! hanging on the wall with all my critical tools of the trade.

I got the truck plugged up!

The water was beyond boiling... it was half way gone!  But just enough water after grinding my beans and waiting the plunge for so I may have the nectar of the Gods..  I knew even being a morning person I was not about to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together unless I had at least one cup of coffee.

Finally... oh yes... as the steam warms my face! 

I got down half a cup and started to organize the rest of my task.
Ok... got in the center bar, got in the grate divider, chest bar... I'm stuck... too early to get him up...
OK... so check the truck.
by this time it had been plugged up 30 minutes, I was hoping this was enough.  I tried to start the truck and by george... it's not the glow plugs...it's the battery!   So while my truck is plugged up to my house by two extension cords... I also had to position the car so it could charge one of the batteries. 
Got the batter cables... attached my tiny car to the larger truck... and just laughed.

What people don't realize is my tiny car... has a starting battery the size of that in a motorcycle ... so basicly I'm using my car to "trickle charge" my truck... Oh you have to laugh!   HOW long is this going to take?

I go back in finish my coffee, pour myself another, prep one for the trip... relax and hope it starts in another 30 minutes.

Just in time... I eased up the bedroom and wispered /under a laugh... I needed your help! (only 29 degrees) and hoped not to have any more words... In all the spirit of the season... he was sweet, helpful and I was even laughing after we were done.

As he was getting clothes on I slipped outside... started tried to start the truck... PERFECT!  so I let it run the rest of the time!

On to the barn to complete my task!  as the day had just began.... On to the VET... yeah... standard trip, standard bill, standard full day.... You do not want to know the rest.. BUT I got a LOT of things marked off my to do list today!  One trip through town with the horses in tow... What the heck! What is life without its adventures?   Then back to the barn, on to work... and a day full of other adventures.