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Monday, February 17, 2014

the last week was crazy!

snow... snow ... and more snow... then the sun came out and the WIND blew in the next day.

only 8 inches but enough to cover my little car...
The snow was hard on the horses... so I allowed them out twice as long so they could dig and push the snow aside to get to the grass in the pasture. 

Riding in the snow was a delight... 
Quiet... and oh yea... a nice SOFT surface to fall off the horse and into... 

The wind bothered Navarre more than the snow itself. 

Navarre eventually got so upset not having a job and not being able to just play around he was taking it out on me and Sweet Pea by not allowing her to eat her feed... 

So  I tied him up... he would not stand still... 
So I worked him from the ground for 15 minutes.  
He was horrible! 
I was so glad by yesterday I had a friend to ride with... and we took both horses out. 

I got to ride Sweet Pea... and 
Mike got to ride Navarre... 

crazy weather... 
Crazy ride... 
LIFE... you just gotta roll with it! 

My love to the world... 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OH the weather!

Life for the horses is crazy!

Hot yes only in the 50's but for Navarre this is horribly hot.
Sweet Pea has enjoyed the heat but again tonight she will suffer with the bitter wind blowing in and bringing back the chills below 20.

The ground is terribly wet, muddy, and hard to walk in.

They have been out twice today!
But just yesterday they escaped and decided to visit a neighbor or two before I found out and could get them in.

Life with my horses is fun, a challenge I love, and never the same from day to day.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

hot cold, hot ... cold...

My horses have had ice dangling from them to such an extent this one jingled as he walked. 
The other had on his winter rain coat.

They have gone through 1 and 1/2 bails up to 2 bails a day with all this crazy weather.  But life is good and my water still runs when needed. 

Life at the barn has been just fine.
Horses are good
I still take boiling water to warm this container as I can.  Yes even walking up the mountain in snow.
We all do what we can for our animals and this is a small thing to do while the weather is so bad.