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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glorious Rain.

Today is more rain!  I rushed to the barn in alarm mode worried the horses would be wet, cold and shaking, they were fine!   I am telling you starting them on oil earlier than normal is the ONLY thing different I have done that would effect their ability to acclimate to the weather.   my $7.99 has paid off!

The roads to the barn are ALL paved! (just one more reason we picked that little lot) But today the water rushed over the road in several places, places I will have to engrave in my memory for winter travel issues.  Mud clots in the road at spots , as people have run off the road this morning due to all the rain. (I am amazed at how few judge a curve in such a curvy area)  Gravel all the way into the middle of the road in other spots; washed from driveways with a worse grade.  Even the drive (not 15ft) into the estate was slick and ... well fun!

The rain was at a steady pace for most of yesterday evening into the morning today, I got to the barn walked in the rain no head covering, weather is just perfect for the body, only a few layers today, and still I had to take layers off as I started to work on my regular routine.

I noticed the water tank and a small trickle of water running down the side... I tried to think nothing of it, BUT as I was cleaning the stall, it was trickling down the other side as well.   I had to see what the problem was!   BUT HOW!  I do not have a ladder of my own at the barn yet.  It is too wet to climb on top of the water tank...
I did however get up on the railing of the barn over hang... I pushed the nozzle down better but it still ran out.  I pulled it back up high so I could see better.   OH MY!!!!!  The water was rushing OFF the roof so fast it was creating a spray of at least 6 inches as it came out the water spout.  All I could do was take the lid off the water container and just let it run.    After taking off the lid, I could see into the basket filter ... it wasn't too bad!  I left it alone, and will allow it to remain open for the rainy weather, clean it when the rain stops, closing it for less evaporation, and then opening it again when another good rain is in the forecast. 

I can't imagine all the water in the past that has leaked from the system due to the natural pressures coming off the roof top. 

Another less learned!

Monday, November 29, 2010

To Do List 11-29 -12-4

It is a standard Monday list for the week.
We have already had frozen water at the barn.

I need to be prepared if the trip to the barn is harder than normal or if I am desperate enough to ask a neighor for help.

I need to get out Christmas Cards... but the ones I have will not allow our pictures to be put inside so some will get two seasonal notes.

The pipes at the barn have already frozen this year... so I need to build and insulate a box for the water pipes incase I need something and can not haul water from the house.

We are expecting rain and wind both under adviseries today... so I need to take blankets to the barn for the horses for tonight.

I need to get the word out more and more about more and more animals... new possibility... small dog that bites... last dog I sat like that was a great dane on the one more chance list... if you know what I mean.

Filing... gosh who likes it?  personal papers get put to the side all too often in my life.

I started feedind the horses corn oil early this year... I believe it is paying off, as SweetPea has the BEST winter coat she has ever had, and hasn't need a blanket 24/7 yet.  so a gallon everytime I go to the store has got to become the norm.

While Christmas for the kids is done ... I need to figure out Birthday for Olivia and Henry.  ? What to get?  Trying to think of what will feed the mind.... ?

I have yet to wrap a single Christmas gift, while Jerry is DONE... I'll get the other two gifts and then wrap it all at once.

I took care of Horse Feed earlier today... another two bags to fill my metal cans at the barn.
I took care of the Banking this morning, for me, Paradise Sitters , and Pirates' Lair  as well as getting paperwork for California.
Work... Work... and more Work... but at least the Christmas Songs play from the other side of the room!

My sweet one LOVES Christmas....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Day In Paradise.

I have taken some time for myself again, as I was rolling in a dark place in my mind and did not want to share such a dim view of life with the world.

After cleaning smells, the cat cage and collecting toys I had all over the hay room for Jacapo I started one of my loves...
I marked every French movie available on cable and sat and watched them non-stop.
After hearing what I consider a beautiful language for a good two days... As the sun came out, I was able to go and sit on the hill above the barn and watch my horses.

Listen to them chew their hay, snort at the wind, and click thier shoes as they walked.
I listened to the hawk that lives in my area, the rustle of leaves from the mice and squirls at the barn, the pecking of the wood peckers on the estate.

I was able to absorb a piece of mind, gather myself back into real life, and finally slowly climb out of my self given darkness of loosing an animal.

It is amazing how sitting on the hill, seeing the pasture from a new view, and not being disturbed by anything can open your mind, heart and feed your soul ... enabling you to ... pick yourself up, walk, run, and even be a little happier.

why do I mourn a cat so?

Because I see humans as being in charge of their life! I see people as being able to do, dream and grasp what is important to them.  If they do not?  Well I didn't encourage such behavior... all the opposite... I encourage people to make a list, DO IT, and if your higher power gives you enough time on earth... MAKE ANOTHER... and DO IT!   don't stop! Do NOT cut yourself short.  Be happy everyday and enjoy the life you make for yourself.

I see the cat at my mercy of bringing him home with me.  It being my responsibility to keep him sheltered, fed, and safe.  I TRIED all three of these, but some how he didn't have that animal instinct to stay away from the front of a horse?  not sure what was going through his mind in that moment.  But ... RESPONSIBILITY  has been beaten into me from day one... and so this dear people is why I morn the loss of a cat and not the loss of humans that had a life they lived or choose not to live.

Don't get me wrong ... I mourn the loss of any human but not the RESPONSIBLITY of that human, as I have no children.    BUT children who loose their battle with life, I mourn them even more so than I am today with my little Jacapo. 

Life is what it is... Make it your choices... Make YOUR life... LIVE!!!!!! and Live WELL!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The circle of life.

I remember clearly the day I asked where sue was.  (Sue was only one of the several pigs at my Paw Paw's house. ) 
Plain as day... as we were eating breakfast..
Paw Paw said... right here on the table!
I told you not to name those animals, he said!

The next thing I know... not a few weeks later he is taking me to the slaughter house to pick up beef.
I think while the subject was fresh; he wanted to drive it home.
He did!

I remember the first time I went to his house with my dog (Traci... she was a perfect Mini-Schnauzer) Paw Paw just about had a FIT... he yelled, he preached... (I was married about one year at that point) You should be having children ... he grumbled under his breath.... Besides Dogs belong OUTSIDE and they need work! 

Knowing Paw Paw always had Catahoula lepards,

 Great Pyrenees,

 or Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They all served a purpose but my sweet little schnauzer was a pet and he could not stand PETS! 
Why do I mention ANY of this... well because I feel badly that  I tried to stretch what I was taught of animals.  I thought I could have a pet cat and a purpose driven barn cat all in one.  This did not prove to be true.  I no longer have Jacapo, and it was not his fault!  One of my other animals saw fit to keep him out of the pature, away from me, and into a next life.  I will not go into detail but I can say... I will only have cats at the barn that are not socialized so not to subject any more to the pain Jacapo and I both experienced with the ending of his life with us.
Maybe some animals are purpose driven.  While others are here to feed our souls as their purpose, I shall not mix the two again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time off.

I am taking time off ... for what reason I am not ready to share... but will post on it later as I am more able to verbalize my ... loss.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another day of window shopping!

I am not really window shopping ... I am getting ideas, saving photos of things I like, and things I know I could make and need too...well get off my tookus and do it!

things I enjoy looking at...
If you look close enough... his chest is a coffee can! spoons for his hands...
recycling, crafty, eye catching in the booth.

Look at the detail in the flower!

I have boots, I love boots, but not so sure about all of these...
On the right person they could be cute... I'm just WAY past that stage!
I love this headboard/wall for a barn apartment, or guest room... and the chandelier! is a great idea too!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animals, Jacapo...

Ok... so my mornings normally start with the horses and the cat now.
I feed the cat first thing, allowing him to eat in peace as I  feed the horses and them I come back and love on him.

Well this morning, no cat!
I yelled and yelled... I searched the ditches, I walked through the woods and finally I started to drive up and down the road.

This cat cries all the time, why I could I not hear him anywhere!
My fear got worse and worse; as time seemed to weigh more and more, I felt as I was moving faster and faster trying to find this cat.  He is the same color as the dirt/clay around here, what if a dog got him? What if something happened to him? OH no... I hate to think of him as hurt not able to cry for once.

JACAPO... I yelled and yelled again.
KittyKITTYkitty I yelled and yelled again... finally a faint cry ...
I got out of the truck, and followed this sound up the hill, through the woods, over to a neighbors house.
a cry.. YES that is Jacapo...
Are you behind the wood pile? NO
Are you on the deck? I looked but then it sounded like he was under the deck, I looked
I yelled again. I looked everywhere!

I stopped and backed up ... and heard a really good cry!
Jacapo.... CRYcryCRY....

OH MY %*&^(&*^)*(&)
HE was in the chimney! peaking out with only his sweet little head CRYING... directly at me!

OH CRAP! How can I get him OUT of the CHIMNEY!  ( they heat their house with fire by the way)
These neighbors had already left for work!
They for some reason had their dogs inside!
I walked up on their deck hoping to find something to stand on, I noticed the railing of the deck and a small gate to close off the deck.  I climbed the railing, asked the cat to come... and as miracles can happen; he did! He walked right over to me so I could grab him.

He smelled of smoke, my sweater was soiled by soot, but he his fine dirty but fine! 
Oh dear I do hope this is not going to be a regular thing!  
Oh how I hope he will not do this again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It is cold, wet and very gray here today, but this is what allows me to have water on the grass for my pasture AND gives me water for the horses so I do not have to haul it 4 miles, push it 6 feet, and wait to drain precious water I had to pay for from my house.

I have never really posted what I do here, but here goes.   I work for a motorcycle company! I work for ... Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Acessories  (yes this is a link to our site) My dearly loved... designs, engineers and makes parts for his toys... and the toys of other... little boys!  ha ha ha...

I on the other hand are so praticle I can't see making toys for my horses so I started a pet sitting business.
Paradise Sitters is what I call myself! 

I have fliers at the vet, in the town center, at the feed stores etc...  It is a very cheap way to start a company but SLOW is good when starting all over again.

If I am not at the office, I am cleaning the house, playing at the barn or caring for other people's animals to make spare change.

If you would like to know more let me know.  If not ... I'll go no further!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I LOVE my Neighbors.

Having the horses in my own barn is... not only a dream, but a miracle.  I have a place to pratice the art of doing nothing, have a glass of wine if I like, a place of solitude.  

Longing forever for companionship in this town, I now have neighbors... I so enjoy them!  Just the other day I was talking to a neighbor on the road duirng her daily walk, another just tonight, I got a call today from a neighbor worried, alarmed but amused by Navarre!

A neighbor called saying I have a video of odd behavior from Navarre, we were worried, he was kicking up in the air, loosing his hind end... and falling to the ground.

I see this only on occassion.  As large as Navarre is, it is hard to remember he is a baby still!   They were running in, out and around today...loving the perfect weather!  Not too much sun, not to hot but not cold at all.  PERFECT for a horse to act... well a little crazy, and that he did!   I can't wait to see the recording from my sweet neighbor.

I not only enjoy that I have extra eyes on "my kids" I dearly enjoy my neighbors, and all the kids having a smile on their faces as they "ride" SweetPea or Navarre.  The giggles, smiles, and some barely able to breath they get so excited is a pleasure to share, experience and remember on days not so active.

This neighberly actions are what I have missed from home.  Not knowing if someone is coming over, but someone walking over, sitting on the porch, enjoying a meal, and sharing good news.  I am glad to have the company, I am glad to have my animals exposed to as many people as possible. 

As those of you who know me best... you know I like a well adjusted animal!  exposed to much so I can take them out in public and not worry quite as much had I not.

To all, I hope you enjoy your neighbors!
To my new neighbors... THANK YOU so much!

Friday, November 12, 2010

FEET on a horse.

referencing back... MONTHS ago... I want to get a horse for my child!   I put only ONE tiny paragraph on feet.

Look at how detailed this can be.
Taking the shoes off. , This is just getting the nails... from curling into the foot, back out and straight.
Easing the shoe off the foot NOT tearing it up.
Cleaning the hoof, trimming the frog, the pad, the wall into the shape the horse has naturally but ... assisting it to be even better!
Notice how gentle he holds the foot although he is cutting into it with a sharp double edged blade.
Trimming the growth.
Filing, rounding, and balancing the foot.
Making the PERFECT shoe! Takes more than time! It takes MAJOR skill.   I am encouraged and impressed each time I see the team that cares for my horses feet.

No the horse does NOT feel this!  Hot Shod... is a necessary tool around here!  I love it! It keeps the white line from taking over in wet areas!
My horses feet are healthy and can easily handle a good hot shod!  And a GOOD Ferrier knows what he is doing with one.
My guy trims the heal of the shoe for a perfect fit on my horses... This helps greatly with them not loosing a shoe later, and costing me MORE than a basic fee for another shoe.
When a horse looses a shoe, the shoe can be bent and need to be reshaped. Or worse it can damage the horse/hoof of the horse.  Not allowing for distal/distant nails but needing to get closer to the quick of the hoof.  Pain is NOT what we want so protect your shoes!   Use a boot if you have to!
My guys are great!  They even help the horse "roll over" with shoes.. They think of EVERY detail! and it SHOWS! in everything I do with my horses, how long the shoes last, and the fact I never have a problem due to shotty work! They always DOUBLE TRIPPLE check their work BEFORE putting a shoe on my horse.
You can see how much they care, by the way they are so gentle with my horses.
Down to the last nail.
And suring them up on the outside. ?
These guys work together as a GREAT team.

SweetPea shows off!  One more to go!  "the one in the back"
There is SO much that goes on with your horses feet, get a professional, get a vet to recommend one, OR DO YOUR HOME WORK! Don't just go word of mouth... Not everyone raises their kids the way you do!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes yes.. I have been away

I've not been on the computer as I have been awaiting information ... good or bad, happy or sad... about my Aunt Gale.

Yes her name is spelled correctly ...
I have not posted about the water I've had in my water system sense our last rain.
I have not posted about the incredible rides on both horses up the mountain to the top!
I have not posted about the animals I have been sitting... or how full my schedule is with excessive sitting jobs.
I have not posted about the accomplishments of the fall seed in my pasture taking off like weeds.

I have been sorting my feelings of fear, dread, and What NOW!

Aunt Gale is the BACK BONE of HOPE in our family.
Nannie was always nice to people and never said a bad word about people, but Aunt Gale takes it one step further.... She ONLY sees the good in people, she NEVER sees their mistakes, their cause and effect, Why they are where they are in life.  She only sees what positive is there and what they can do with it.

My Aunt Gale is one of those people that no matter how dark, soiled, or hopeless someones life is she sees so deep into them... and shows them what they have inside.  She encourages them to take that sparke of light and make a new world out of it.  She gives people the feeling they can create a new world from something so tiny that most mere humans would have never considred growing that light much less creation of dreams.

Aunt Gale, the creater of our coffee club.  My only source of sanity as a teenager.  My Aunt, My neighbor, My saving grace.

I love you Aunt Gale and can only hope your test are GREAT! today... and that a new path is opened for your future!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain today!

I love a rainy day!
It is cold, wet and looks like winter.
Horses are cold, taking one blanket back to the barn for SweetPea, while Navarre is enjoying the relief from all his hair.

The cat is warm cozy and I took him a clean towel for his bed.

Life is as it should be here!
Simple and enjoyable.

Yesterday work was so demanding, I barely made it to the barn just after sun down.  Which meant I felt as some say about me... like a pioneer woman.  With no electricity and the opening of the barn facing east there is little to no light, so my trusty Coleman lantern is my only means of functioning in the dark. 

It is not real old! It is a plastic version, battery operated, rechargeable, and not a fire hazard for the barn.  It ALWAYS hangs at the left of the stall door UNLESS it is with me being recharged for the week.

I do have to say though... the light doesn't travel beyond the first TWO layers of hay, while throwing hay down four stacks... I slid to the bottom not being able to see beyond my first step.  Life around here is always fun, thank goodness I am still young enough to do things this way... allowing us to save for the hay barn one day.

I will add pictures later 
two pairs of socks, flannel pants and two tops... what glories an OLD rock house brings... No wonder the Europeans bring their animals in for the night... to heat the blymee... house!   ha ha ha....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

no pictures just good news.

There was once a friend in my life that I was able to go out, have fun, camp, talk, read, banter our views back and forth.  I lost contact with this friend years ago.

I carried some of his belongs with me for years... over 10 years and only recently allowed myself to throw them out.  Of course not months later we found each other on face book.

He is married to a lovely lady, they have three children, and live in one of my favorite parts of the world.

We all have those connections with people we wish we had not lost.  This friend was a good person and a delight to be around.  I am glad his life is well, and he prospers with such a large family.

To an old friend, and to making a new friend of his lovely wife.

I hope not to loose touch again.