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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glorious Rain.

Today is more rain!  I rushed to the barn in alarm mode worried the horses would be wet, cold and shaking, they were fine!   I am telling you starting them on oil earlier than normal is the ONLY thing different I have done that would effect their ability to acclimate to the weather.   my $7.99 has paid off!

The roads to the barn are ALL paved! (just one more reason we picked that little lot) But today the water rushed over the road in several places, places I will have to engrave in my memory for winter travel issues.  Mud clots in the road at spots , as people have run off the road this morning due to all the rain. (I am amazed at how few judge a curve in such a curvy area)  Gravel all the way into the middle of the road in other spots; washed from driveways with a worse grade.  Even the drive (not 15ft) into the estate was slick and ... well fun!

The rain was at a steady pace for most of yesterday evening into the morning today, I got to the barn walked in the rain no head covering, weather is just perfect for the body, only a few layers today, and still I had to take layers off as I started to work on my regular routine.

I noticed the water tank and a small trickle of water running down the side... I tried to think nothing of it, BUT as I was cleaning the stall, it was trickling down the other side as well.   I had to see what the problem was!   BUT HOW!  I do not have a ladder of my own at the barn yet.  It is too wet to climb on top of the water tank...
I did however get up on the railing of the barn over hang... I pushed the nozzle down better but it still ran out.  I pulled it back up high so I could see better.   OH MY!!!!!  The water was rushing OFF the roof so fast it was creating a spray of at least 6 inches as it came out the water spout.  All I could do was take the lid off the water container and just let it run.    After taking off the lid, I could see into the basket filter ... it wasn't too bad!  I left it alone, and will allow it to remain open for the rainy weather, clean it when the rain stops, closing it for less evaporation, and then opening it again when another good rain is in the forecast. 

I can't imagine all the water in the past that has leaked from the system due to the natural pressures coming off the roof top. 

Another less learned!

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