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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes yes.. I have been away

I've not been on the computer as I have been awaiting information ... good or bad, happy or sad... about my Aunt Gale.

Yes her name is spelled correctly ...
I have not posted about the water I've had in my water system sense our last rain.
I have not posted about the incredible rides on both horses up the mountain to the top!
I have not posted about the animals I have been sitting... or how full my schedule is with excessive sitting jobs.
I have not posted about the accomplishments of the fall seed in my pasture taking off like weeds.

I have been sorting my feelings of fear, dread, and What NOW!

Aunt Gale is the BACK BONE of HOPE in our family.
Nannie was always nice to people and never said a bad word about people, but Aunt Gale takes it one step further.... She ONLY sees the good in people, she NEVER sees their mistakes, their cause and effect, Why they are where they are in life.  She only sees what positive is there and what they can do with it.

My Aunt Gale is one of those people that no matter how dark, soiled, or hopeless someones life is she sees so deep into them... and shows them what they have inside.  She encourages them to take that sparke of light and make a new world out of it.  She gives people the feeling they can create a new world from something so tiny that most mere humans would have never considred growing that light much less creation of dreams.

Aunt Gale, the creater of our coffee club.  My only source of sanity as a teenager.  My Aunt, My neighbor, My saving grace.

I love you Aunt Gale and can only hope your test are GREAT! today... and that a new path is opened for your future!

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