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Friday, November 12, 2010

FEET on a horse.

referencing back... MONTHS ago... I want to get a horse for my child!   I put only ONE tiny paragraph on feet.

Look at how detailed this can be.
Taking the shoes off. , This is just getting the nails... from curling into the foot, back out and straight.
Easing the shoe off the foot NOT tearing it up.
Cleaning the hoof, trimming the frog, the pad, the wall into the shape the horse has naturally but ... assisting it to be even better!
Notice how gentle he holds the foot although he is cutting into it with a sharp double edged blade.
Trimming the growth.
Filing, rounding, and balancing the foot.
Making the PERFECT shoe! Takes more than time! It takes MAJOR skill.   I am encouraged and impressed each time I see the team that cares for my horses feet.

No the horse does NOT feel this!  Hot Shod... is a necessary tool around here!  I love it! It keeps the white line from taking over in wet areas!
My horses feet are healthy and can easily handle a good hot shod!  And a GOOD Ferrier knows what he is doing with one.
My guy trims the heal of the shoe for a perfect fit on my horses... This helps greatly with them not loosing a shoe later, and costing me MORE than a basic fee for another shoe.
When a horse looses a shoe, the shoe can be bent and need to be reshaped. Or worse it can damage the horse/hoof of the horse.  Not allowing for distal/distant nails but needing to get closer to the quick of the hoof.  Pain is NOT what we want so protect your shoes!   Use a boot if you have to!
My guys are great!  They even help the horse "roll over" with shoes.. They think of EVERY detail! and it SHOWS! in everything I do with my horses, how long the shoes last, and the fact I never have a problem due to shotty work! They always DOUBLE TRIPPLE check their work BEFORE putting a shoe on my horse.
You can see how much they care, by the way they are so gentle with my horses.
Down to the last nail.
And suring them up on the outside. ?
These guys work together as a GREAT team.

SweetPea shows off!  One more to go!  "the one in the back"
There is SO much that goes on with your horses feet, get a professional, get a vet to recommend one, OR DO YOUR HOME WORK! Don't just go word of mouth... Not everyone raises their kids the way you do!

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