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Monday, November 29, 2010

To Do List 11-29 -12-4

It is a standard Monday list for the week.
We have already had frozen water at the barn.

I need to be prepared if the trip to the barn is harder than normal or if I am desperate enough to ask a neighor for help.

I need to get out Christmas Cards... but the ones I have will not allow our pictures to be put inside so some will get two seasonal notes.

The pipes at the barn have already frozen this year... so I need to build and insulate a box for the water pipes incase I need something and can not haul water from the house.

We are expecting rain and wind both under adviseries today... so I need to take blankets to the barn for the horses for tonight.

I need to get the word out more and more about more and more animals... new possibility... small dog that bites... last dog I sat like that was a great dane on the one more chance list... if you know what I mean.

Filing... gosh who likes it?  personal papers get put to the side all too often in my life.

I started feedind the horses corn oil early this year... I believe it is paying off, as SweetPea has the BEST winter coat she has ever had, and hasn't need a blanket 24/7 yet.  so a gallon everytime I go to the store has got to become the norm.

While Christmas for the kids is done ... I need to figure out Birthday for Olivia and Henry.  ? What to get?  Trying to think of what will feed the mind.... ?

I have yet to wrap a single Christmas gift, while Jerry is DONE... I'll get the other two gifts and then wrap it all at once.

I took care of Horse Feed earlier today... another two bags to fill my metal cans at the barn.
I took care of the Banking this morning, for me, Paradise Sitters , and Pirates' Lair  as well as getting paperwork for California.
Work... Work... and more Work... but at least the Christmas Songs play from the other side of the room!

My sweet one LOVES Christmas....

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