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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animals, Jacapo...

Ok... so my mornings normally start with the horses and the cat now.
I feed the cat first thing, allowing him to eat in peace as I  feed the horses and them I come back and love on him.

Well this morning, no cat!
I yelled and yelled... I searched the ditches, I walked through the woods and finally I started to drive up and down the road.

This cat cries all the time, why I could I not hear him anywhere!
My fear got worse and worse; as time seemed to weigh more and more, I felt as I was moving faster and faster trying to find this cat.  He is the same color as the dirt/clay around here, what if a dog got him? What if something happened to him? OH no... I hate to think of him as hurt not able to cry for once.

JACAPO... I yelled and yelled again.
KittyKITTYkitty I yelled and yelled again... finally a faint cry ...
I got out of the truck, and followed this sound up the hill, through the woods, over to a neighbors house.
a cry.. YES that is Jacapo...
Are you behind the wood pile? NO
Are you on the deck? I looked but then it sounded like he was under the deck, I looked
I yelled again. I looked everywhere!

I stopped and backed up ... and heard a really good cry!
Jacapo.... CRYcryCRY....

OH MY %*&^(&*^)*(&)
HE was in the chimney! peaking out with only his sweet little head CRYING... directly at me!

OH CRAP! How can I get him OUT of the CHIMNEY!  ( they heat their house with fire by the way)
These neighbors had already left for work!
They for some reason had their dogs inside!
I walked up on their deck hoping to find something to stand on, I noticed the railing of the deck and a small gate to close off the deck.  I climbed the railing, asked the cat to come... and as miracles can happen; he did! He walked right over to me so I could grab him.

He smelled of smoke, my sweater was soiled by soot, but he his fine dirty but fine! 
Oh dear I do hope this is not going to be a regular thing!  
Oh how I hope he will not do this again.

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