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Monday, November 15, 2010

I LOVE my Neighbors.

Having the horses in my own barn is... not only a dream, but a miracle.  I have a place to pratice the art of doing nothing, have a glass of wine if I like, a place of solitude.  

Longing forever for companionship in this town, I now have neighbors... I so enjoy them!  Just the other day I was talking to a neighbor on the road duirng her daily walk, another just tonight, I got a call today from a neighbor worried, alarmed but amused by Navarre!

A neighbor called saying I have a video of odd behavior from Navarre, we were worried, he was kicking up in the air, loosing his hind end... and falling to the ground.

I see this only on occassion.  As large as Navarre is, it is hard to remember he is a baby still!   They were running in, out and around today...loving the perfect weather!  Not too much sun, not to hot but not cold at all.  PERFECT for a horse to act... well a little crazy, and that he did!   I can't wait to see the recording from my sweet neighbor.

I not only enjoy that I have extra eyes on "my kids" I dearly enjoy my neighbors, and all the kids having a smile on their faces as they "ride" SweetPea or Navarre.  The giggles, smiles, and some barely able to breath they get so excited is a pleasure to share, experience and remember on days not so active.

This neighberly actions are what I have missed from home.  Not knowing if someone is coming over, but someone walking over, sitting on the porch, enjoying a meal, and sharing good news.  I am glad to have the company, I am glad to have my animals exposed to as many people as possible. 

As those of you who know me best... you know I like a well adjusted animal!  exposed to much so I can take them out in public and not worry quite as much had I not.

To all, I hope you enjoy your neighbors!
To my new neighbors... THANK YOU so much!

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