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Friday, November 26, 2010

The circle of life.

I remember clearly the day I asked where sue was.  (Sue was only one of the several pigs at my Paw Paw's house. ) 
Plain as day... as we were eating breakfast..
Paw Paw said... right here on the table!
I told you not to name those animals, he said!

The next thing I know... not a few weeks later he is taking me to the slaughter house to pick up beef.
I think while the subject was fresh; he wanted to drive it home.
He did!

I remember the first time I went to his house with my dog (Traci... she was a perfect Mini-Schnauzer) Paw Paw just about had a FIT... he yelled, he preached... (I was married about one year at that point) You should be having children ... he grumbled under his breath.... Besides Dogs belong OUTSIDE and they need work! 

Knowing Paw Paw always had Catahoula lepards,

 Great Pyrenees,

 or Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They all served a purpose but my sweet little schnauzer was a pet and he could not stand PETS! 
Why do I mention ANY of this... well because I feel badly that  I tried to stretch what I was taught of animals.  I thought I could have a pet cat and a purpose driven barn cat all in one.  This did not prove to be true.  I no longer have Jacapo, and it was not his fault!  One of my other animals saw fit to keep him out of the pature, away from me, and into a next life.  I will not go into detail but I can say... I will only have cats at the barn that are not socialized so not to subject any more to the pain Jacapo and I both experienced with the ending of his life with us.
Maybe some animals are purpose driven.  While others are here to feed our souls as their purpose, I shall not mix the two again.

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