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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Day of Constant Rain...

I got new plants from another source and I was hoping to get them in the ground today but it looks like I will have to put them in some potting soil/ or bagged garden soil instead. It is raining non stop here and again the clay will turn into bricks if I work it this wet.

Wish me luck! I hope not to loose my new little plants, Cabbage, red, white and some kale... excited but now worried...

Talk to you all later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

already back,

Already Back from my morning ride, David wants to go later around one pm and I didn't want to tire out my legs or SweetPea! I'm about to water the seeds I put in the ground yesterday, and then go back to the barn around 11 or so. Feed the "kids" and brush them both down before I go riding later. Spending time with them always helps in terms of communication while riding. Navarre needs to be taken out BUT with all the new info I have on him I'm not sure how to handle it anymore. I'll explain more on Tuesday after I have had time to do better research from several sources and figure out how to apply them to him.

A beautiful cool day, expected to be in the low 80's with no rain.
It's apple season, all the stands are open and bee's are buzzing for their sweetness! Bee's love rotting apples!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Truck is back, but not for good.

Thank goodness for the guys down the road! $500.00 and I have my truck back! he found a stick in the hydro cooler/ tiny radiator looking thing with NO protection just behind my bumper. Having said that ... the front end needs work and I'll have to save and schedule that one, which will cost me twice as much! But if it weren't for theses guys... I'd be out of luck, they work me in; they get me taken care of; and he warns me of what could happen. He has NOT been off target yet so I have to trust him on this one. Besides I knew there was something going on, but ignored my gut and assumed I was just looking for something to go wrong any day. WHY do we ignore ourselves????? Am I am the only one that does this? I figured it was more the brakes than the front end, and I'll almost bet you it's both! The real kicker is... it is starting to do the same thing in the car. ha ha ha... guess I'll have it looked at AFTER I get the truck fixed, the truck is more essential to my life style. The car is a better mode of cheep transportation when I go any place other than the Hay, Feed, or Supply houses... not to mention the poop that goes in the back on a daily basis.

Getting started on my day, like everyone else lots of things on my list, weeding, seeding one of the main things, but we shall see how the day goes.

Another bird house... I just love these things!!!!! How I would love to live in a world where everything was so cute/ unusual/ and shocking!!!! Can't you just see a bird sitting on the tongue of these things? I can.

have a good day! I plan on it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


While yesterday I finally posted how my life is slow and boring… well it kicked me in the toockus….. I am still marking those little things off my to do list, when in my normal routine I got stopped in my tracks today.

The truck is in the repair shop.
Every day I turn around in a specific spot at the top of the gravel drive as it takes a sharp left above the house to the barn. This morning as I was in the middle of my turn the break starts to vibrate and I notice it is hard to steer. I back up any way … but then as I approach the gate…. No brakes! Ok now what have I done? I get out and there is fluid, not dripping but running in a perfect stream from the front of the truck. It’s not green, I would have expected it to be radiator fluid! But black, like used oil.
I called Jerry to come get me as …. I had several office runs to make this morning, so I just left the truck in it's state and got on with my day. I called AAA as I was getting my things together to leave, too long of a story, but finally got help.
I took care of my errands and called AAA AGAIN… they sent a truck, I cleaned stalls while I waited, and the truck now sits at Vee Dub…. Where the guys have treated me right for years now.

While the truck is dead, my normal back up would be having someone else come get the horse poop, but my guy just had surgery so... this time I am going to start several different Piles around the area so they can sit for a year and Joe will have them on hand. I do wish I had another way to get them to my house where I need them but…. Life is what it is and there are always issues at hand.
Like everyone else I'm just making my way how ever I can.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can it be Almost Fall?

I've said very little but the trees are starting to show signs of Fall. The dogwood trees are some of the first to bloom with beautiful white or pinks but they are also some of the first to show signs of what is ahead.

I'm not sure what is going on in your area, but it's for sure in my area; ALL the dogwood trees are a gray ash color with hints of burgandy in the leaves. Maple leaves are already starting to occassionally fall into the horses dry lot. Leaves I hate, as they must be raked up so the horses do not eat them. Maples can cause a poisenous reaction when they are any color other than a bright green. More work for me but all the better for the garden area.... it's all a full circle.

My life is going at a steady pace right now, while mine is steady, strong and boaring I know there are loved ones out there that are struggeling with daily task as I OFTEN do, there are days I just do NOT want to get the horse manure out of the pasture, lift 20, 30 40lbs of ANYTHING! We each have our days of good and bad, we each have our own levels of what we can accept and what we can't. Mine is no better, no worse, only expressed in a different way, after all we are all human, which makes us alike and yet completely different. I love you and hope you know I am thinking of you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, or is it monday????

Lots of things on my list for the day.

Birds, Horses, Shipping, Charges, extras for the garden.

Finding someone to dig those holes for the apple trees! I have to get them planted SOON.

Cleaning off my desk and doing returns. All sounds like little of nothing but with all the little things that come up we will only know later in the day how my task managing will really go.

I can only hope if anyone is reading this thing their day is GREAT!

I've started my research on the pear trees for next springs orders, if I order them now ... so the companies can plan on their stock their is a little of a discount. So Pears are on my to do list, One of Jerry's favorite fruits. One thing I am finding.... After ordering all my Apples in Semi Dwarf, the pears I see are mostly dwarf only. I'll have to figure this into my plan as well???? not sure how the different sizes will look for boundary trees. I may have really screwed up! Dwarf or REGULAR ???? research!!!! just one of the daily things we do with trying to be a decent stewart of the land.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day... or Day of Labor... ha ha ha ...

Today was the one day I could get out of the house, office and get a few things done.

I got several stray things on my list taken care of today.

1. I got a number of plants planted at the entry way on the estate. You know the not needy plants we all wish for but rarely make the plunge.

a. One spreading ground level rosemary bush/runner flanked by two multi colored Bungle Weed plants mostly pink in leaf color, and then two mother of tyme (running styles)

b. next row was two more bungle weeds but these were a green/burgandy type flanked by two other tymes that were slower in growth.

c. more thyme and more bungle weed in the next row but this one is a deep large burgandy leaf weed. very dramatic.

I am hoping these will all grow into one tightly kept planting, keep down the weeds at the entry ; as this is a problem area.

But something needed to be done and this is one of my tries.

I also got in 10 bails for hay for the horses after going to tractor supply and auto zone earlier in the day. I got 4 more bags of pelletts (we all know they will be out all winter), returned two noflat tires and got new no flat tubes to go in the ones I already had.... 1. cheaper and 2 the replacement tires were the right size but when trying to apply them... they were the wrong size hub. CRAP!!!!!

Tractor supply skips in bolt sizes from 1/2 to 3/4 they didn't have a 9/16th... not sure what that was about... so I went to Auto zone and got 4 of the bolts I need.

I have NOT put them on the gravely yet but I plan to at some point this week.

David called and said they were getting in hay if I wanted a few bails come and get them....

I did ASAP and after loading my own I offered to allow them the rest of the space in my long bed as they had nothing but little trucks and one long bed WITH a TOOL BOX in the back which makes it a short bed.

I got mine, unloaded theirs, ran to the barn got mine in and the heavens opened and ruined the rest of their cutting. The one day in a week for 50% rain and it hits them with no mercy pur flash floods. That's farming for you.

I have to say I cut one bail open and it was warm, so I UNSTACKED the 8 I left in the barn hoping to allow them a little more air than normal. I may go back and check on them later. I am worried, but if I say anything to them they will just call me over reactive AGAIN<

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Barely getting started but back already from a nice Sunday morning ride, bareback on SweetPea. I put her up with only hay and water NOT letting them out on the pasture. my plan is to get the tiller onto the gravely. Go back to the barn sow rye seeds for winter green pastures and NOT allow the horses on the pasture for atleast a week. I'm not sure how this will all work out today.

almost lunch time but I need to go get some breakfast. I'll check in later on how the day REALLY went, as well know you can plan a day down to the minute but it NEVER works out just so.

THAT's a first!
only 6pm, about to go back to the barn again... BUT I got the garden tilled, Plowed and all the cold plants set in the ground with the underground drip system all in place. Wish me luck! I am hoping to have a little broccoli, carrots, Kale, Spinach, and lettuce.

getting most everything on my list done... except the RYE... which I am about to leave and take care of. Can't believe it went so well.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a Saturday.

I got in my ride with both horses... I took them both down to the ring, worked them on the ground, then got on Navarre for 10 minutes, and rode them home.

Came home, bush hoged the side yard, the dismanteling of the garden took most of the day BUT ...the garden is GONE... took off the bush hog and attached the hub to the gravely. It runs perfectly with no issues. I almost can't believe I did it, after having that thing into 6 or 7 pieces I was a little worried about it working perfectly again... You have no idea the fear I had of this thing locking up my gravely,leaving me stranded with no tools what so ever. I let it run on low for a while and then cranked it up to high and let it run for a while. PERRRRRFECTTTTT

Started putting the tiller back together... one nut giving me a serious issue... but Jerry got in on there for me.

I'll put it on the gravely tomorrow!!!!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rare day for a Friday.

Busy Busy day....
Birds, Horses, Work, Post Office Run, Errands getting supplies, and I'm just NOW getting back to the office.

A hard day... the brain in not working right today... I'm a little slow. Yes some would say this is normal, but I have my days were it's hard to put one foot in front of the other and today was one of those days. Iron must be really low!

I did however in the midst of standing in line at the PO find out my ONLY coffee shop in town CLOSED!!!! CRAP, talked to another contractor we'll meet up next week. Met one of my neighbors on Flat Top. One I really wanted to know! Nice Lady, enjoyed talking to her, hope to get together with her later as well. Ran into Franklin who is at the least out of bed from surgery BUT he didn't look as if he needed to about yet. Good Man!

So truly the PO was "THE" spot today.

I got my DVD's for my silly new computer. I haven't even used up the CD's I had but now my computer will not even take them.

Got the normal office supplies, ink, paper, etc...
Ran to get Bubble. YEP! I was running around with 1/2 in perf 12x12 in the back of my "farm" truck, tied up like a pig so it wouldn't go flying off down the interstate.

LIFE!!!! WORK! but weather is only barely getting back into the 80's today.

My Goal for the weekend... I want to get up at 7am just before the sun and be on my horse by 8am. Work them both, and bring them to the house in the heat of the day, let them eat my lawn and give them a shower. THAT is the goal... we shall see if it works out.

The picture... it's NOT ... IT is a BIRD HOUSE ... a mere WISH item... Trust me I never say I really want something but this ... bird house is on my Wish List. Is that not the cutiest thing you have ever seen? I can see it hanging on my barn only to be moved to the house as time/building allows.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who could ask for more.

just after 11am here... still in the 60's although expected to be up in the high 70's. Our weather... they say... is getting back to more of the norm for the area later in the week; but I have so enjoyed the quirk of lows to get my work done.

I did NOT get my three tines filed, and I am planning to put them back on the machine this weekend. I am Not filing them merely because this "should be" a winter job and thus... I am putting it off so I can create my normal schedule for tractor chores. I hope to take time tomorrow to put the machine back together and let it run on the tractor for a tank full of gas at slow then moving up to high etc... then I will put the tines back on... Praying the whole thing works.

I hope to till the garden this weekend but ONLY time will tell. I have several work erands to run today, Metal at Tfab, Coating at Rhino, Bubble at local hub.... etc... life runs full speed even "off" season for bikes.

Enjoying being out not being too hot, too cold etc..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another good day.

Today it's only 62 degrees here around 10:30 only supose to get into the low 70's so... my plan is to work, and mix chemicals for the estate pasture. I will spray the good area ridding it of some wide stem grasses (johnson grass) and then concentrate on the next patch I will sow next month. The Spray is my largest concern of the day... my one goal that will make me a happy woman.

I have the tiller apart, but now I need to sharpen the blades while they are off. I have no machinery for the job SO I'll have to try this by hand. My "stones" are the diamond bars that require water and no oil so I will soak the blades in order to get as much OIL out/off them as possible. Wish me luck. If I get three blades done today I will be a happy person.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful Day

It is such a beautiful day...a mere 63 degrees at 11am already! I am hoping to get my work done and get out with the horses today...

ok now it's 215 or so... and I'm done with work, wanted to ride but there are repairs to be done to SweetPea's Bridal. I brought it home and I am out ... on my way to Acme Motorcycle shop where the guys were nice enough to break loose those bolts for me and I am going back to wash the inside of the tiller out. These guys are top notch allowing me to use their equipment AFTER helping me/ not charging me to get the bolts off. p.s. still only 69 degrees