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Sunday, September 13, 2009

already back,

Already Back from my morning ride, David wants to go later around one pm and I didn't want to tire out my legs or SweetPea! I'm about to water the seeds I put in the ground yesterday, and then go back to the barn around 11 or so. Feed the "kids" and brush them both down before I go riding later. Spending time with them always helps in terms of communication while riding. Navarre needs to be taken out BUT with all the new info I have on him I'm not sure how to handle it anymore. I'll explain more on Tuesday after I have had time to do better research from several sources and figure out how to apply them to him.

A beautiful cool day, expected to be in the low 80's with no rain.
It's apple season, all the stands are open and bee's are buzzing for their sweetness! Bee's love rotting apples!

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  1. Such insight to life...thank you for sharing and thinking.