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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another good day.

Today it's only 62 degrees here around 10:30 only supose to get into the low 70's so... my plan is to work, and mix chemicals for the estate pasture. I will spray the good area ridding it of some wide stem grasses (johnson grass) and then concentrate on the next patch I will sow next month. The Spray is my largest concern of the day... my one goal that will make me a happy woman.

I have the tiller apart, but now I need to sharpen the blades while they are off. I have no machinery for the job SO I'll have to try this by hand. My "stones" are the diamond bars that require water and no oil so I will soak the blades in order to get as much OIL out/off them as possible. Wish me luck. If I get three blades done today I will be a happy person.

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