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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Truck is back, but not for good.

Thank goodness for the guys down the road! $500.00 and I have my truck back! he found a stick in the hydro cooler/ tiny radiator looking thing with NO protection just behind my bumper. Having said that ... the front end needs work and I'll have to save and schedule that one, which will cost me twice as much! But if it weren't for theses guys... I'd be out of luck, they work me in; they get me taken care of; and he warns me of what could happen. He has NOT been off target yet so I have to trust him on this one. Besides I knew there was something going on, but ignored my gut and assumed I was just looking for something to go wrong any day. WHY do we ignore ourselves????? Am I am the only one that does this? I figured it was more the brakes than the front end, and I'll almost bet you it's both! The real kicker is... it is starting to do the same thing in the car. ha ha ha... guess I'll have it looked at AFTER I get the truck fixed, the truck is more essential to my life style. The car is a better mode of cheep transportation when I go any place other than the Hay, Feed, or Supply houses... not to mention the poop that goes in the back on a daily basis.

Getting started on my day, like everyone else lots of things on my list, weeding, seeding one of the main things, but we shall see how the day goes.

Another bird house... I just love these things!!!!! How I would love to live in a world where everything was so cute/ unusual/ and shocking!!!! Can't you just see a bird sitting on the tongue of these things? I can.

have a good day! I plan on it!

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