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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Barely getting started but back already from a nice Sunday morning ride, bareback on SweetPea. I put her up with only hay and water NOT letting them out on the pasture. my plan is to get the tiller onto the gravely. Go back to the barn sow rye seeds for winter green pastures and NOT allow the horses on the pasture for atleast a week. I'm not sure how this will all work out today.

almost lunch time but I need to go get some breakfast. I'll check in later on how the day REALLY went, as well know you can plan a day down to the minute but it NEVER works out just so.

THAT's a first!
only 6pm, about to go back to the barn again... BUT I got the garden tilled, Plowed and all the cold plants set in the ground with the underground drip system all in place. Wish me luck! I am hoping to have a little broccoli, carrots, Kale, Spinach, and lettuce.

getting most everything on my list done... except the RYE... which I am about to leave and take care of. Can't believe it went so well.

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