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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, or is it monday????

Lots of things on my list for the day.

Birds, Horses, Shipping, Charges, extras for the garden.

Finding someone to dig those holes for the apple trees! I have to get them planted SOON.

Cleaning off my desk and doing returns. All sounds like little of nothing but with all the little things that come up we will only know later in the day how my task managing will really go.

I can only hope if anyone is reading this thing their day is GREAT!

I've started my research on the pear trees for next springs orders, if I order them now ... so the companies can plan on their stock their is a little of a discount. So Pears are on my to do list, One of Jerry's favorite fruits. One thing I am finding.... After ordering all my Apples in Semi Dwarf, the pears I see are mostly dwarf only. I'll have to figure this into my plan as well???? not sure how the different sizes will look for boundary trees. I may have really screwed up! Dwarf or REGULAR ???? research!!!! just one of the daily things we do with trying to be a decent stewart of the land.

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  1. As always I enjoy reading your activities and remain amazed at what you are able to do.