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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a Saturday.

I got in my ride with both horses... I took them both down to the ring, worked them on the ground, then got on Navarre for 10 minutes, and rode them home.

Came home, bush hoged the side yard, the dismanteling of the garden took most of the day BUT ...the garden is GONE... took off the bush hog and attached the hub to the gravely. It runs perfectly with no issues. I almost can't believe I did it, after having that thing into 6 or 7 pieces I was a little worried about it working perfectly again... You have no idea the fear I had of this thing locking up my gravely,leaving me stranded with no tools what so ever. I let it run on low for a while and then cranked it up to high and let it run for a while. PERRRRRFECTTTTT

Started putting the tiller back together... one nut giving me a serious issue... but Jerry got in on there for me.

I'll put it on the gravely tomorrow!!!!!!!

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