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Saturday, January 28, 2012


While I get back into the rhythm of life... I am getting a little better, meaning not SO depressed at my failure to achieve at least MORE of my bucket list ride than I did.   I know I did the right thing, but doing the right thing is often harder on the heart and mind than doing what you want to do, or following what drives you.    I think this is how we as a society have gotten SO out of whack when it comes to money, looks and physical things.

No... I am no better than everyone else! I'm am not saying as much, I am only saying this lack of achievement is no more or no less important than other goals people set for them selves.  Some people focus on a certain car, home, dress, shoes etc... ALL of which are fine, but if for some reason you don't get there... I'm in that same boat! This is all I am saying.

But as I get back into the rhythm of my life, the horses are the one thing that are keeping me grounded with all the demands Navarre has put on me to check on him three times a day no matter what is going on.  Sweet Pea has an abscess that has to be soaked daily, cleaned and dressed as well as I can.  

If it weren't for the "kids" ...horses   I would be in bed!   But each day is getting a little better, and I am doing more research, on how I can use Sweet Pea  getting her mind in the right frame of mind in case I can swing one more try next winter... But this is VERY penciled in, no ink being used at all.

I am cleaning house.  Getting rid of everything I can!
I am doing taxes...
I am trying to figure out a new fence for the estate... as apparently Navarre is board with the room he has right now.
new goals, and new days ahead...

life goes on... as shall we all.


Friday, January 27, 2012

EARLY mornings.

Navarre is starting to ? be a PAIN!~

Yesterday as I was drinking my coffee, the phone rings.    ( I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS)  It was a little girl up the road... Navarre is in the pasture eating grass.  Sweet Pea was where she belonged.

I rushed to get on clothes...
Another call, they had put him back in.,but the fence was a total loss.  Truth be told! I was expecting it any day BUT didn't expect it to cause anyone else any concern.  I had already collected my supplies to replace some of the fence, so tools, supplies and everything were sitting there waiting for me as I drove up for early morning 6:30am repairs.

This morning as I awoke at 3 am my gut was telling me to get up go on to the barn get the kids fed and check that fence once again.

I got there this morning and the GREY (the first gate) was wide open.  Apparently never locked from when the farrier was there Wednesday!~  as I locked the gate, shining the light up to the barn I could see Navarre, but I could only hear Sweet Pea in the dark.  So all was well there were where they were suppose to be.  But the fence was grounded somewhere.  I am all too sure they would have been out on pasture by 6 am and GONE by 6:30 had I waited as normal.

One of the worst things for me to do is to ignore what my mind, heart and gut are telling me.  I have to listen... and in the last week it has paid off several times as Navarre has been determined to have grass.  At one point I was worried I was going to have to call the vet as he was in so much pain he could hardly walk.  But no hay, lots of oil and only ricebran pellets he was better the next day and playing like the baby he is the next.

Life with a mouth driven horse that can't have anything ... a pain! but I love him!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trip notes about Navarre.

Navarre did very well with what little time we were out.  I could never do the trip I have in mind with Navarre during the summer.  He pulled, stretched, and even took down my high line at one point.  I had to climb an embankment to get the line high enough that he couldn't pull it down, PLUS I had them over a gravel drive with a slab of concrete   so there was very little grass / greenery to be had but what little there was he was going to get to it even if he had to nimble down on his knees and squat his hind end.  Only Jerry has seen this position with me, although I see it more often than I wish as Navarre twist his head sideways and puts his front feet beyond the fence line and eat what grass he can from UNDER and beyond the electric line.

It is close to how a new born colt eats but worse.  A laugh but it is a sure sign of desperation!  I can only imagine the situation with fresh grass to be had.  So next winter I will try my little trek again, thanks to Navarre, his lack of respect to the slack in the line... and the over whelming urge to EAT all the time no matter what!

At the Vet's office Melanie summed him up perfectly... He is like weeny the poo with a honey pot.   It is not her exact quote... but she is correct all the same.  He has but ONE thing on his mind (considering he is cut) it is FOOD!

The issue with the travel is.. no matter how poisonous it is, or how dangerous the area,  he is going to eat if he can get to it.  While the kid is smart about tied up lines, doors, and problem solving... he is stupid when it comes to his stomach, as if he has NO OFF SWITCH!   As with my mare... she will eat, stop, drink, digest, and start all over.  Navarre is non stop! he could care less about water, even less about digesting anything.  He would easily eat himself to death if allowed to do so.  I can only hope your horse is smarter than mine when it comes to food!

Monday, January 9, 2012

National Apricot Day

Yep!   I am finding some days I had never imagined with this little task...

National Apricot Day

While I know this is a very good food for us, I have never had an apricot tree, never learned how to use those dried things in other foods, only to give them as treats to my birds.

Here are some ways to expand your food, knowledge, and palate.
apricot recipes

Sunday, January 8, 2012

No tillage Week shared with Thank a Cow Week

This entire week is called NO Tillage Week... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CROn0evdlvM   This is a YouTube video of a no till set up!   This is actually a good alternative for those of us who have little to no equipment! Take a look, it is easier than you think.

 This is a full week as it is
 also Thank a Cow Week!

You have to admit, we get LOTS of things from cows.  Milk, cheese, beef, LEATHER, so unless your a vegan that never wears breathable shoes... You have a cow to thank! ha ha ha...

Friday, January 6, 2012

National Bean Day

Yep you read it correctly!
Today is national bean day.

There is also a site for this day (and many others) bean day!

So make a pot of beans.  Give a neighbor a gift of dried beans from your garden.

Bean have always been a part of my life, as they are cheap, easy, good source of protein and fiber.  I grew up on beans and cornbread!   What about you?
I always have beans, nuts (yep even the bird treats in my corner cabinet.

Do you keep beans on hand?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

National Bird Day

For those of you who know me, yes I have horses but I also have three birds I love dearly.  I had no idea this day existed.

As I have chosen this year to be days to celebrate or think about this is a day for both wild birds and exotics.  Too many birds are caged and not happy, Birds are the one animal I would NEVER suggest a parent get for their child.  They are dirty! They are demanding, and they need LOTS of attention and a watchful eye to keep them healthy.  This is way too much for a parent to put on a child if done correctly.

National Bird Day has its own web site and it is worth checking out!

All my birds have their wings, and have FREE time in the house.

I try to keep them as happy as possible.  I  also babysit other birds in separate rooms of the house when necessary.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What next?

Yes I ask... What next? I've done all I can do and now after that one perfect day the ice collects, the snow falls and I am going no where.

The kids have extra hay for the night, I gave them extra rice bran for Navarre with rice oil and corn oil..  Corn oil burns hotter in a horse and I knew they would need the extra heat tonight.  I gave SweetPea extra hay stretcher in her feed tonight and corn oil on top

I'm not going anywhere! I'm not leaving for the Trek!
I'm eager to get on the road, and I love riding in snow! Matter of fact I'm likely to walk up the mountain and take Sweet Pea out anyway, but I will NOT tow my kids in a metal box at the mercy of other crazy drivers and the luck of me not hitting ice going down a mountain.  Yes I have a 4x4 and Yes I have brakes on my trailer, but really people how far is someone suppose to push it?

I can tell you exactly how far... How ever far I want!   and how ever little I want!   These are my kids and I am not now nor will I ever put them in any more danger than I do myself.  So I would not consent to riding in a trailer on ice and will not expect my horses to...

I will leave as soon as I can! But at this point it appears to be Saturday morning ASAP!

I know everyone had one of two ideas about me...
She'll do it no matter only because she is in it so deep!    or   She'll never do it at all.   NEITHER!    I will have to compromise my goals with that of mother nature, with that of reality.  I will not put myself or my horses in any more danger than the trip requires... and ice in a trailer is not required.

I have said from the start I am doing this for me and no one else.... I am doing it slowly... and I am doing it as safely as I can.  Thus the only common sense thing is NOT to tow my horses on ice just to get to the other side of town and head into an area of higher elevations that is expected to get more than us... and ALWAYS DOES...

Yes I keep repeating myself... Yes it is because I am having to convince myself... because I am dying to leave! I was so ready to do this!   So excited about everything ... there is nothing about this trip that doesn't excite me.  Even camping in the snow, or even hunkering down and camping through a snow storm would be an adventure.   But the one day I want to leave... ice and snow of all things... What luck I have!  So yes I keep repeating myself.  I am just so disappointed ...

as I pack away all my layers ...laid out for early morning dark room kind of dressing... it was all so perfect!
My Life...
My Luck!

What a forecast!

While most hard and heavy horse people have been on me about not shaving Navarre's coat on the bottom half. I have to tell you... today and tomorrow are the EXACT reason I didn't.

It is dangerous for a horse to work very hard in the winter without stall protection at night.  As they get hot and their coat retains their sweat it can freeze on their skin at night.
My horses will have no protection from weather on this trip! I can't expect to find a barn for them along the way we have to take care of ourselves...  In doing so I shaved Navarre's top line over two months ago so it has grown back nice and thick but is not LONG like the rest of him.

I did not and do not plan on shaving his bottom line, as ... mountain weather like today is very typical.
Yesterday the forecast was almost 60 degrees!   A beautiful day...
But this morning the wind chill is 22 and expected to plummet down to Zero and about ten below. My little boy will need all his long hair to protect himself, thus once again one more reason my little trek is going to be slow at a walks pace instead of a good trot or even a canter on occasion. The latter two will not happen in this weather.   But no matter I am glad I followed my gut and did not shave him as I had been told to do on several occasions.    Always listen to yourself before others IF you know your area... IF you know your animals...

Now I am not worried about rushing to the barn to blanket my little boy, BUT I am worried slightly about Sweet Pea... (She never gets a GOOD winter coat, typical saddlebred breeding) I'll let you know later.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day to think about.

While I put little blipps about each month on the blog last year I thought I would contribute Holiday / Celebration days this year.

SO ... Of course today is new years day! a clean start to yet another year of life.

day light is only 9hrs and 47 minutes today. going about 2 miles an hour I'll be lucky to get in my 10 miles for the day.