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Friday, June 4, 2010

Before you read further... I AM FINE...

I am fine.  I am like anyone else we all take a fall sooner or later.

See I was having fun!   That is what the day was suppose to be about.  So one goal was accomplished even if for a short moment.

BUT everyone needs to remember the type of person I am ... had the situation turned out bad... this is how I want to be remembered.  A person that lived life... not one that wished she had a life.

Having said that! I am writing about this situation second hand, I still have no memories of what happened from my own version of this story.

I do remember bits and pieces.

I my work day was completed yesterday, I even stopped work on the estate early so I could get to the riding ring just to play around while the girls got ready for a show this weekend.

So I got to Annie's farm just before 4pm.  I didn't realize the girls were coming from another barn, but I was within sight distance of the ring.  Katherine drove up, and I tacked Navarre back up after spraying him down twice ( having left off one (a good) saddle blanket on the fence I was hoping to get on my walk back up the road... to exercise myself as you will see in the pictures I have gained weight again... tiz life)

Nancy was in the ring.  I was just riding Navarre ( Jerry had just shown up to take pictures so I could correct my seat, arms, legs etc... in other words to see how bad I was riding.) Navarre...  wanted to eat, then when the girls got there he wanted to be social... I don't think I ever allowed the horses to sniff each other? but that is all I remember!

Long story short? I fell off... in my mind I think I fell off.  although physically... I know I fell off.  Must not have been a big fall as Jerry would have said something,  Although he said I did upset everyone by getting back on the horse.... Which sounds like me... or  PawPaw?  you fall you get up! Quickly!   Besides the horse is too young to get me off and  me not get back on, as he would only do it again learning he could get me off and get relief from pressures of me telling him what to do.    But all I remember is Not knowing how I got to the ring, Why I was down there, or What the $&*(&^ I was doing. 

So I got off told everyone I was confused, and HOW I was confused.  I knew names to those I had known names before, I knew Jerry's phone number to call him, but ... I still have no idea of a play by play of what I did wrong with the horse. And don't get me wrong... I know I did things wrong, you can see my seat is off my shoulders are not back properly my good leg is twisted OUT, although bare back always looks worse than with the dressage saddle.  In other words I know I am at major fault with what ever else I did.

No my head didn't hurt, No my body didn't hurt YESTERDAY...

I did stay up later than normal, I did wake up and make myself stay awake answer questions from my dear husband, He woke me up before he went to sleep.   THIS MORNING... I can hardly bend over, and my head is touchy if I slosh it in the pasture four wheeling to the barn. But I am other wise fine. 

I can only assume ASS U ME that as many times as my head has hit the pavement/rock, road, dirt, gates... etc... Like a boxer it will only get worse as I get older.

Proof of my getting back on?
And such a beautiful Square Hault... AFTER I get my act together he may look even better than he does here!

OK now this is my bad leg in this picture and no matter what I do the knee is going to make the foot twist out, I would NEVER be able to show!  but I enjoy riding all the same.


  1. Wow! I am so glad to hear you're okay. And I can totally understand your comment about being how you would want to be remembered. I would rather go out doing something I loved, rather than, as you said being a person who wished they would have lived.

    Anyhoo.....so glad you're okay and Oh! if it's any consolation, that first (and last) picture are STUNNING!!!! :D xoxo


  2. So glad that you're OK. Please watch your head over the next couple of days!! I think the pictures are great, just to see that you are up on your sweet boy, it's been a long a waited journey to be able to really be on him and ride. Good for you.

    I love the pictures of the barn and the things growing in your garden.

    They make my day bright as I stand inside stripping cabinets and trying to do something new with my kitchen. It's beautiful outside here and I hope that the sun is shining on you.

  3. Amanda... Glad you are having your own adventure even if it is being productive with redecorating the kitchen/ of sorts...

    I'm fine but yes watching my head, moving slow, but VERY aware of the issues, thank you all for your love and concerns.

    While the sun in behind clouds, and the drizzle falls slowly, the day is still a good one... Well that was thunder in the mist... better go get my worker from the estate! no need to leave him out for lightening if it happens.