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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As my last post hinted My maternal grandmother ... Nannie... passed away this past weekend

link listed and it a good read.

For those who are NOT familiar with the phrase a "Rosie the Riviter" please also read the next link, as we as Americans and Women should understand this part of our past.  This was the beginning of changing history, and I am VERY proud of my Nannie being a part of it.


My Nannie would speak at the breakfast table how they would upset their bosses, their bosses would come by and ask them to work faster etc... she said they all looked at each other and had a thought.  BUT NOT ONCE did they change what they were doing!   EVERY WOMAN there ... she would say... had a brother, uncle, or special someone this wing could go to.  NO ONE was going to risk not doing a PERFECT!!!! job and yes she stressed PERFECT.

Had Nannie not passed away this weekend I would loved to have attended this conference as it was extended to the decendants of... Rosie's anywhere! 

If you have family members that lived through the war you may want to ask them what they did, as many jobs were considered necessary and women were NOT ALLOWED to quit, while others were expendable and allowed to change positions.  What type of work card did your family member have? 

There are great stories out there that need to be passed on, this is just ONE organization that is targeting a specific group of women that helped keep our men safer during the war.  These women kept the industry of AMERICA alive when the world thought it impossible for a woman to do any type of work OUTSIDE the house or that not attached to a desk!

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