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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun What will the day bring

While I type it is only 10am with this entry.  BUT the rain has been so heavy the trail (through my pasture) to the barn is slick as a mud slide and I'll not be driving on it anymore today.

I have gotten more wood for blocking,
I have gotten more supplies,
The metal was delivered just before the heavens opened.

I am intreagued with all that goes into a metal roof, Farm Standard is just tacking on a raised area one over the next, while this slightly higher grade requires more work and skill.  Cut/ Bend Screw, Nail etc... I am eager to see how it all works out.  BUT the roof is too slick at this moment to risk the application of metal and the bending and breaking of bones if someone slides off the roof.

So work is in progress on the floors, Mats that are 4x6 and weight a ton... just joking they do weigh at least 60 lbs or more, and the bulk and bend of the mats are a pain. 

Tamping of stone (again... third time on top) laying of wood, tamping of wood, filling with more stone, tamping again, sweeping, tamping... Then the mats go on, but they have to fit PERFECT they have to be squeezed into a perfect spot so the weight of the horses twisting, kicking and rearing would not move them.  This is a harder job than you can imagine.  I expect perfection with the mats.

I will let you know how it works out later in the day. 

BUT if the sun comes out???? who knows they may decide to climb up on the roof.  Only Mother Nature knows my schedule for the day.

I am at her mercy!

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