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Friday, June 18, 2010

I can barely contain myself.

1st update on the barn... here is the latest picture from this morning...

now the part I can't sit still about.

While the picture of the barn up loaded I grabbed my lunch, fingers wet with juice, hurry to wipe them off and type this in.

One thing about SUMMER I can not live without.  TOMATOES.... get a load of this!

what glorious tomatoes and bread... the knife was as sharp as I could find and still ... it went everywhere!  but NEVER wasted!

call in the fat police... I love mayo on tomoatoes... a little pepper for bite.

Basil from the garden...

Lettuce and close it up...
It is officially summer in my house.... bring it on! I'm set for anything now!
Cool, sweet, soft, juicy... salads, sandwiches, grilling you name it my tomatoes will be on or in everything till they run out.

Hurry up Troy! You gotta come and get your tomatoes before I eat them all!

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