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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday...

A typical Friday ... I love Fridays, just the way it rolls off the toungue... the way it evokes a sense of letting my hair down, it slows my blood pressure, and hushes my breathing. 

The fog banks were so thick this morning.  When driving in and out of fog the feelings are dependant on how I start my day.  It can give a sense of fear... what is in there? Am I going to hit someone walking, driving too slow and the animals.... oh my!   OR it can feel like flying in a cloud, allowing oneself to be free, the curve in the road is like a free soaring hawk in flight.  

Today, because it is Friday the fog was beautiful. 

While most are asleep I was getting guys to start the roofing on the barn, then running to get hay so I could take care of the horses and get to work on time.

Don is my hay man.  He is a rare breed of man; that does right by those who do right by him.  I enjoy riding with him and doing business with him because we see eye to eye.  If I have an issue I can tell him, and he doesn't take it personal, just tells me where I stand and that is the end of it. 

Today he did me a favor, allowing me to get ONE bail of hay and come back later today to get more... I pay him up front, or leave him a blank check he is so trust worthy.  His hay is good quality and our talks are worth gold.  We "chewed the fatt" this morning longer than we should have but I enjoy the friendship so... much it is often hard not to share information and knowledge with eachother.

By the time I got back to the estate, 1/4 of the roof was on... those guys work so fast! And it LOOKS INCREDIBLE!   When the metal guy called and said it was in, I got excited, I was eager to have it on yestesterday but the rain stopped everything, TODAY on a FRIDAY to top it off ... the roof is going on and I am so excited I can hardly work.

Work... there are few orders but 15 boxes of supplies just came in on the porch, bursting my bubble to get back over to the estate to watch the roof go on.  Customers calls are non stop (which is good paying for the roof) and one customer is on his way over.

So now my day is a tunnel... I can't wait till 2pm so I can go see the barn, take pictures and ???? allow my excitement to overwhelm Jerry when I get home.... wink wink.

At any rate, work awaits, jitters are a flutter, and I can't concentrate.  HELP 2pm needs to come quick.

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