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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Was today another MONDAY?

Today was a day to put out fires.  Not one thing went as scheduled, Not one thing (for me) went smooth.

While I feel like there are still smoldering embers in my day I can now sit back and share pictures Jerry and I just went and took of the barn.

As funny as it is I was asked several times today how my barn was going.  I normally answer with ... nice and slow.  But today! Oh my!

My day always starts around 5:30am the ball starts rolling VERY fast by 7 am and and by 8 I feel like I am in warp speed for a few hours, then I slow down a little again.

Today started in warp and is only now (after my bed time) starting to slow down.

Work had me awake most of the night, worrying about German deliveries.  The barn I had taken a short break from, (three days) slapped me in the face today requiring several things immediately!  Mats... which are NOT cheap, more pressure treated wood, gravel, more labor and in the mist of it I find out my metal roof is here and will be delivered tomorrow.  Which means we have a tool we need to get for the edges etc...

While I do not live in Joelton, there are no straight roads over here to get from one place to another. 
While working I called every farm store that had equine mats to find the sale of the day, and drove the 8 miles to get them but that takes a good 30 minutes due to curves etc... So getting anything done takes all day.

If I did drugs, If I had anything to relax today would be one of those days... but no worries no beer or wine in the house besides tomorrow will be a full day and a glass of anything only wakes me up at 2am and that is the last thing I need in my life right now.

But I can sit here and look at all the progress on the barn,

The barn is starting to look like a place with purpose.  I have always loved the OLD barns, and that is the style I wanted to look at when we finally get a house on the estate.  SO... OLD it is... Old barns have character, and style so a pattern was applied to the outside of the barn. 

Jerry is being incredibly supportive, he likes what is going on and said it looks better than he thought it would. 

So tomorrow, metal goes on the roof and mats go into the stalls... a full days work if not more.  I'll  take more pictures as we go along, but I'm happy to see what I have right now.

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