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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Morning of Energy...

The morning sun is bright and electrifying, the cool breeze from the mountain tops roll down to the valleys. The farms are in full steam, putting rich nitrogen waste from the dairy farm on the pastures so the cover crops will be perfect all winter. The morning is so full of energy I grab the camera because I know with the feeling in the air my horses will be full of life and run and frolic as soon as I let them out.

When I arrive at the barn the horses are dull, dirty, and almost still asleep. As soon as I open the second gate allowing them access to the pasture, it all kicks into another gear. Sweetpea no doubt wakes up Joe and Steve with her snorting and prancing the length of the pasture. Navarre is so heavy his feet tear into the pasture throwing mud in his wake with a sound of a heard of horses instead of just a baby at play. He loves to run and play but Sweetpea is too stodgy to play with him, she sees herself as either his protector from other horses or the only one allowed to beat up on him when ever she feels like it. He is after all only a toy to her, he amuses her, and she pushes and tells him what to do.

The reality is Navarre could put her down with one kick, but he is too sweet and kind to hurt her, he loves her but only cares about food! As long as he has food, he could care less what she wants! She on the other hand is the boss of everything, and he is only allowed to look at her if she feels like it. Such opposite personalities, such opposite rides, but this is after all why I have the two opposite ends of the spectrum; to allow me a choice of what kind of ride or mind I want to deal with. I can not wait till I can ride Navarre at any time, for any length of time I wish. I have only been at this dream for almost 4 years now. Jerry has had several motorcycles in the time I have chosen Navarre’s parents, awaited his arrival and now just allowing him to be old enough to ride. I can not wait, but at last the wait is almost over.

To continue my ride to and from the barn …as you can see just across the pasture, is a small but incredible log cabin. I do not have access to the history of the cabin any longer, as the owner is now elder and in an assisted living facility. But from the little time I was able to spend with him over the years I did collect that he purchased two small cabins and fused them to create the one he has standing. He and his family use this as a guest house, but they rent it out when the family is not residing within. It is a lovely place, BUT the interest in this property is NOT the cabin for me… it is the connection to my living in a fish bowl that I can not resist mentioning as I have not repeated this story to anyone other than Jerry.

Mr. Gordon James, worked for an oil company back in the early 1900’s and ran the district around Nashville TN of all places. When invited to his house years ago for cheese, wine and hors d‘Oeuvres. I never imagined I would hear stories of his account in Joelton TN. Yes Mr. James Gordon was the connection for Aunt Mary’s store .. JB’s as we called it in my day to get their gas. Can you imagine? Uncle Roland, Aunt Mary had direct connections with this man that lived across the street from where my horses are until just recently.

I questioned him, Oh yes I know the Lain’s he said… I know exactly the place across from the little white church… I don’t remember the name of the church but a little white building. It was on the way to … my next county… that farm town… Springfield. Yes Springfield was it. If you can only imagine my heart skipped a bit. I could not believe this man states away again knew my family in an indirect way. Of course being so far away, having lost 3 of 4 of my grandparents by this time it only warmed my heart to know that fish bowl effect was still there after all these years.

Several more trips to Mr. James’ house gave me much information, he directed me to my favorite cheese company in the area and for this I am grateful, as I too, much like Navarre, can be driven by food.

A cute little place that one could easily miss driving down the road. 


  1. Please tell me more about Mr. James...how amazing. The pictures of the birds are precious.

  2. there isn't much to tell except he worked for the OIL/Gas company. I caught him late in life he is about Nannies age so he is now in assisted living and I do not have access to him. But he knew the name of Uncle Royland and Aunt Mary too bad that generation is gone.