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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A week off.

While this is merely a place for me to keep in touch, write my emotions, share my boaring days... the weather as of late has been so pretty I could not force myself to be infront of the computer any more than necessary for work.

Today is only the second day into the average tempatures of November and here we are in the third week!  Today is also the first day of rain in the forcast again.  Only two days of the next 7 are without rain, so I am sure you will hear more of me in this time.

In the days I did not post, I was talking to friends, being outside with the horses, watching a +/- film ( a video/type not a block buster)  being recorded on a nearby farm, I took Navarre out for his very first real trail ride with five other horses.   Planned my garden setting for next year, added manure to my reserve piles at the house for the garden.

I have been busy.  I have not, however been with the camera on my shoulder, this too will change...

While in the past I have never caught up with the days missed, no pictures, no real stories, I hope to start posting ONLY twice a week on average so there is more to share and I am not stuck to a computer on days I could be outside and be creative.

My love to you all!

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