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Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, Typical but full of energy

While the morning is cold, wet and the type of weather no one wants to be exposed to; I am full of energy, having had time with an old friend yesterday. One of those friends no matter the length of time, you pick up where you left off, you instantly feel they are a part of your life and you theirs. Connections to home, past, present and future. The high of sharing new experiences together and the general sense of just being happy. While the weather was no better yesterday with our visit, it did not dampen our walk, talks, and venturing out into Asheville.

Troy and I just drove around the major roads, so he would have a feel of the land. We then took in a meal at my favorite restaurant; Salsa's, the locally owned Mexican Caribbean style food that can NOT be describe in the English Language. The spices that run through each dish, the flavors mixed you never dreamt of putting together, there is nothing standard about this favorite eatery! Nothing standard at all! Not food, drink or atmosphere, a place to get away and into something different, and that we did.

A drive to my other favorite place, the Grove Park Inn. While historic to the area and the blue bloods of days past, it is a marvel to me with their advanced green roof top. From the main building to the outdoor hot tub is a living roof top to be surpassed by no other in the South East. Not just the norm of sedum and grasses but Trees, Waterfalls and walk ways are on this roof, something I wanted to share with Troy sense he works for a company who's home country has many advanced roofing as this. I can only hope this is a roof of the future!

Feathers are from Maya my Maximillion Pionus, the berrys from a bush at the barn.

Hope your day is a colorful as mine, regardless of the weather!

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