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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Colorful World.

It is VERY late for me, but my mind runs wild with colors and textures. I picked up another magazine just yesterday and in doing so, my mind has picked up speed. The magazine I choose has increased my need for more artistic endeavors. So I got together some things in my house I refused to throw away, and was hoping to keep to inspire me. As of today keeping these things has started to pay off.

When I was MUCH younger I drew, painted and did anything I could with color and textures. I refused to throw away my brush collection. I have sense collected a few things that I love. The Chicken feathers from a farm I once lived, and the colorful feathers from my parrots.

I took pictures of a few of these things I like so much as my mind wanted More, I reached for a few more things and before I knew it I had my paints out. I wasn't sure I even had creativity still with in my mind, eyes, or hands. This is what playing around with the camera did for me tonight!

Hope it's not too bright for you, but I enjoyed the feeling of wet paints on my skin, the mixture of colors as I played. The feel of a brush in my hand felt as natural as it once did, but I am sure had I kept my mind fresh (as these last few days as only dusted the muck from the corners of my mind) I could have done things that could inspire others.

I have always seen life in terms of BRIGHT colors, no black very little white. Nothing is as defined as it is in scripture, a book or even most art. Life to me is only a mixture of what you make it, I make mine FULL of Colors like this tiny canvas.

I can only hope your life is as colorful as YOU like it!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me! Love the painting!