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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hot Cold Hot Cold

My poor animals have suffered with the hot and cold of mother nature.  I can only assume Old Man Winter to having a hard time moving fast enough for the Spring and they continue to battle it out. 

My horses have lot most if not all of their winter coat.  Sweet Pea was done a month ago, while Navarre's coat lingers and fills brushes daily.  I have yet to slick Sweet Pea off with the chill still in the air morning and night.  Navarre is extremely playful these days and desperately wants a young play mate that will not try to kill him like my mare. 

Navarre is well managed at the moment!  I am increasing his protein intake yet still watching the carbs ... My pasture is SO incredible I am afraid to allow Sweet Pea on it for more than 15 minutes a day.  But I do hope to increase this time as the season progresses.  Which always helps with Navarre as he gets so upset he runs up and down the pasture fence begging and yelling for his freedom as well.

My love to the world.