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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rain Rain and yes again more rain.

no picture today, I'll post one Tuesday if I can....

It has literally rained ALL DAY. While I would normally allow this to be an excuse to do nothing; I used that card yesterday so I got to work in the rain all day. I worked so hard I didn't feel the wet next to my skin until I stopped; I had to turn on the heat for my drive back to the house.

So I had help, thank goodness, BUT I was not able to use him to do the work I had wanted.
There are things in life that scare the crap out of me, electricity and machinery that will kill you, yes any of it. So while I started my help, Sergio, picking up large rocks in the pasture where I have NOT planted yet I was hoping to have him take over the bush-hog when he was done. I love this person as a helper but today was very hard for me. While I was literally running over saplings he would just walk right in front of me.

Now while I know not everyone has used a bush-hog, it’s almost like a lawn mower on steroids. It could cut grass, the kind so big and thick you would never strain a lawnmower to cut, but I was using it to cut (rosabunda) a nasty wild rose that I am plagued with, new locus saplings, kudzu, one snake, and basicly anything else that got in my way other than a fallen tree or two. My task today was clearing a small area with growth at least 4 feet tall and often taller than me in some areas, so thick you can't walk through it. Much of the issue plants on the property are VERY fast growing. I am hoping to spray this area later this week as a back up plan AND the pasture for better control.

What I want others to understand is that machinery, no matter how scientific can be unpredictable, and can therefore take a sapling and throw it like a spear with out notice. And for some reason Sergio didn’t care or didn’t get it today. So when he kindly asked if he could take over I had to say no. I’m not letting someone control a machine they either don’t get or have no respect for when someone else is operating it.

LIFE is exhausting!
Why can’t we all know what the other is thinking?

So I ended up be hind the bush-hog from 9am till 4pm! My body hurts, is bruised, and I have blisters on my right hand and callouses on the left???? right hand controls front/ back and left was steering.

My accomplishments are small for the day but I think I will finish a small area later this week.

My only issues are, it’s too dangerous to be doing it on the property alone, and I hate having to pay someone to baby sit me... Any suggestions? Anyone?


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  2. So much for my typing. Please ignore gggg... Amber each time I read I am reminded of your strength. I don't know how you do it. I thought being a Mother of 3 small children was a challenge, that was nothing compared to what you do. I am amazed and actually frightened to death just thinking about all you do. Daddy would be so proud of you..well he is..The shear physical and mental tasks you tackle daily are beyond my comprehension.

  3. You are too kind, life is what it is. As Amanda would say it's a in perspective. I couldn't do the three small children thing... not in a million years. I couldn't do the church thing like Amanda dealing with what life throws the congregation, and I couldn't fight cancer like Aunt Gale. A machine... I can push, guide and turn off and on; BUT I have to say I can't wait till Daddy gets here; true help at last!