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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes Rain.

Rain, rain, rain, again, again, and again not a dry day yet. While lately I feel as if I live in a wet European country not the Blue Ridge Mountains I am still very thankful for all the rain. Few realize that our area not only collects its water for city water but most of us live on wells. You have to understand it takes MUCH longer for water to get into the underground systems than it does a collection system. Water has been falling for days but it can only seep into the ground so fast, so everything that was any faster than a heavy mist, ran down the mountain; not into the well.

Jerry and I have scouted the property once again and realized we have several nice size Locus trees that need to come down. Nice size and mostly as straight as they come. SO I have called an architect, a Cistern Company, a plumber and I am next to narrow down a builder. Not as easy as it sounds considering I am wanting to use green trees, BUT there are a few in the area that will do just that, only because I am in an area where lovely "green freaks" live... me being ALMOST one of them.

I have looked for far too long the perfect barn. There is never such a thing and if there is well, lets just say there is always a reality check when you start to talk money. SO.... I have come to adapt several different barns into something I will be happy with. Something I can grow with and use UNTIL I can afford to build the second barn for hay only. I am one of the few, one of the strange, that refuses to put hay in with my horses over the long term as hay bails are such a fire hazard, it just worries me too much, I've seen too much happen over the years.

So while I have done little to nothing to the property over the extended rain season, I am getting my ducks in a row so I can consider the horses on the property by next spring, grass or no grass.

Amongst the rain falling I have allowed a local to cut and take some already fallen trees. Funny how if fire wood is free someone might take it ... (after only two years of trying to give it away)... Wow it takes awhile for some to catch on. He actually wanted my west wall of the horse pasture and I had to assure him IT was NOT for sale or take, end of story. NOT to move.

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